Miniature appliance with which it is so easy to boil a Cup of water, is an enviable longevity However this applies only to the heating, the metallic parts of the device. As for the plastic pads, it goes down much faster. But few people know that it is possible to replace a conventional plug.


Repair of boiler starts with the fact that the defective block is disassembled, and then to the pins of the heater podpisatsja new (or old circumcised) wire, and instead of pads is installed in the usual plug. We only need to pre-cut the holes in it up to ø 5 mm, do Not forget to seal the plane of the connector housing of the plug and places the input pipe of the heater, for example, using epoxy or glue BF-2 — the boiler will serve you for many more years.
A. DEHART, Rostov-on-don

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