WINNING Present to the readers a model rocket class S1B (altitude) with a total impulse of engines to 5 N·s allowed A. Mityureva for a number of years show high sports results (1990— second place at the world Cup, 754 m; 1991— first place in the match USSR—USA, 860 m; 1992—second place at the world Cup, 787 m; 1993— first place on European championship, 1178 m). It should be noted that such good results have been achieved thanks to, among other things, and specially designed engines designed by A. Sparia.

The model developed by the team of the athletes from the strategic missile forces under the leadership of V. Minakova. The selected two-stage scheme with unequal division of the total impulse of engines (first stage — 1.25 N·s, the second -3,75 N*s). This solution allows to achieve the best results. Starts the model are carried out using gas-dynamic installation of the “piston”.
The design and geometrical dimensions of the rocket is shown in Fig. The stage casings, fairing and adapter sleeve, and propulsion compartment of the first stage is made by winding fiberglass with a thickness of 0.025 mm, impregnated with epoxy resin, on a metal mandrel. Fairing, adapter sleeve and the housing of the second stage consist of four layers of fabric. The case of the first stage — of the two, and landing the cylinder under the second stage engine and engine compartment the first three layers. After curing of the binder is made of mechanical machining of parts, and they are covered with polyester varnish. His film after drying, carefully ground and polished to obtain a smooth surface.
Tube the transmission of fire from the wound two or three layers of the same fiberglass and one layer of carbon fabric thickness 0,08— 0,12 mm bars and 3 mm. This item you can perform and one “glass”, providing a wall thickness of 0.2—0.3 mm. the Frames and stabilizers both stages — the balsa plate of appropriate thickness, covered on both sides with a fiberglass 0,025 mm. Lugs machined from balsa on a lathe. The tube of the pin MRD first stage vyklevyvajut again of fiberglass, three layers, on the knitting needle 0 of 1.6 mm and a tube for the filament of attachment of the streamer — pin Ø 1 mm.
Tape (for the first stage of size 27×500 mm, for the second 27×3000 mm) are cut from metalized Mylar film with a thickness of 0.01 to 2 mm. its fixation on the model is carried out using files of cotton threads No. 00, which is attached to the strips of Velcro “Monocot”, and the body epoxy glue. As the attenuator is used rubber thread Ø 1 mm.
The main link for the Assembly is an epoxy glue EAF or K-1-53. Mating surfaces before applying to thoroughly cleaned and degreased. For the most intense connection is better to use epoxypolymers compound BK-9 used without filler.
Model rockets
Model rockets:
1 — the fairing 2 — the case of the second stage, 3 — MRD the second step, 4 — the case of the first stage, 5 — tube transfer of fire 6 — tube landing MRD the second step, 7 — plug, 8 — frame, 9 — engine first stage, 10 plug MRD, 11 — transitional frames, 12 end frames, 13 — MRD first stage, 14 stabilizer of the first level, 15 — brake tape (streamer) of the first stage, 16 — thread mounting of the streamer, 17 — stabilizer is a second stage, 18 — pin for fixing of the streamer of the first stage, 19 — reducer sleeve.

Garter streamers to the housings. Steps shown in the descent
Garter streamers to the housings. Stage shows on the descent.

Stages of building a rocket model
Stages of Assembly of the rocket model.
The stages of the rocket Assembly shown in the drawings. In fairing load the ballast with a mass of 2T for optimal weight of the second stage.
The sequence of preparing the model to run is:
— in the nozzle of the engine of the second stage with the help of a drill to fill the grains of the powder so that the layer ended almost at the nozzle exit (it is necessary for the reliability of ignition);
with the help of bamboo pins Ø 1.6 mm fasten the engines of both stages;
cut the tube tape the first stage and with the help of nylon thread tied to the outside of the body, passing the thread through hole Ø 1 mm;
in the case of the second stage spiked on the engine a little talcum powder; top — wad of cotton wool, wrapped macalintal paper; add more talc; then inserted and rolled into a cylinder the tape; carefully placed on top of the absorber and files (also before installing the fairing poured talcum powder, filling the entire free volume);
tube of the transmission of fire from the top using the funnel, poured a charge of gunpowder;
carefully articulate stage so that the plane of their stabilizers do not match.
A model rocket is mounted on the starting device, after which it is ready to run.
MITYUREV A., master of sports of international class, European champion 1993

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