Strict, rigid form of objects that surround us, evoke nostalgic memories of old times, when mass production did not exist, and each a “serial” product was manufactured individually, based on the technical capabilities of the manufacturer.
This equally applies to objects and houses. For example, you can try to change the long hallway of the apartment. This arranged lightweight partition wall with door passage in the form of an arch, leading to the formation of another room.

The construction of the arch begins with attachment to the ceiling and walls with pine boards section 40×40 mm. Length of the beams 300 – 400 mm, edges cut down at an angle of 45°. To the pinned in the corner of the parallel bars with screws attached another beam with the same cross section (40×40 mm) and a length of 500 – 600 mm. To the hypotenuse thus obtained triangular frame are attached to hardboard with a thickness of 5 mm, one side of which is cut to a radius of 300 – 400 mm (Fig. 1). The plates, in turn, is glued to the drywall.

Arch doorway
Fig. 1. The arch of the doorway:
1 – side panels (fibreboard); 2 – frame (pine bars); 3 – arc of the drywall

Fig. 2. The Door-“Accordion”:
1 – door box; 2 – a plastic box with a snake under the suspension hooks of the folding door; 3 – door (plastic)

The door-“accordion” folded in “open”position
If all operations are done carefully and accurately, then after wallpapering is almost impossible to notice that the design is improvised.
On the psychological impact of the space is influenced primarily by the size and shape of a doorway; also equally important is the direction of the door. If in a small room opposite the doors open inwards, there is a feeling of discomfort. In this case, if it is functionally possible, the door can not be put. If, however, the door is needed, it can be replaced by “door-accordion”. In this case, in the upper part of the doorway-mounted plastic box with a snake for leaves “bunching” (or plastic sheeting). This door is in the open position, takes up little space, since the composite cloth “accordion” folds into a flat package.
Thus, the foldable door plastic strips or of cloths takes up less space, which is a considerable advantage in a small apartment. Another practical advantage of “bunching” is that it’s easier to wash.

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