AUTOMATIC PCA OF CANS...Participants of military-Patriotic games from small to big deal for a clothing and “armed” with copies of famous machine guns PPSH, one form of which caused the enemy to panic: “Guerrillas”! Make a copy of such weapons is not easy, but the children of the war years dealt with this problem quite handily. Ordinary Board, round tin can, and a few large nuts – almost everything that was required of resourceful kids to “arm” submachine gun of Shpagin system.

On the Board draw the contour of the machine and then the workpiece is cut with an ordinary saw or a jigsaw. Disk store (round tin) fastened to the wood with screws. Into the banks put a few large nuts. That the nut does not fall, the cap of the can can be soldered or tack transparent tape. The machine is ready. Simulating recoil when shooting from the PCA, we can extract a very impressive “automatic” turn.

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