Existing timers is different in design and purpose, devices for actuating the respective devices, which should be activated at a predetermined time. On sale they are available but are expensive. At the same time, for domestic purposes, many of them can be made their own, and in its simplest version. For example, using the old mechanical alarm clocks. They have a very winning for this feature: crown of lamb at work call rotates. That in itself is already a ready enforcement mechanism: “lamb”, turning, can push, say, a microswitch (e.g., MP-1), which make it work radio, lights, a tape recorder or even a device for watering the garden.

As the basis of this timer is suitable, for example, mechanical alarm clock Vityaz. On its back cover on a special bracket fixed microswitch type MP-1: it is convenient because it has a pair of normally open contacts thus, can operate in the “switch”. For “switch” are used the insights of 1.3.
The bracket under the micro-switch is made from mm thick steel and is attached using the existing screws of the cover of an alarm clock. On the bent shelf bracket — additional threaded holes M2,5, which are placed in the holes of the microswitch and serve for attaching it to the bracket so as to clockwork “lamb” alarm could push the button MP-1 (B). Before installing the bracket with the MP-1 alarm start almost all the way.
After the installation you can start the operation of the timer, for example, as the switch on the radio. Preparatory stage: MP-1 pressed; the volume of the receiver is adjusted. Then the lugs clockwork “lamb” are translated in a horizontal position And, while radio will turn off. In the morning at the set time you will hear a short call (you can disable it) and talk radio.
Alarm as a timer
Alarm clock as timer:
1 — cover alarm; 2 — bracket (St.H); 3 — microswitch (MP-1); 4 — screw mounting bracket (2 PCs.)

Bracket To the alarm Sevan
Bracket For alarm “Sevan”.
Practical advice for using such a timer on a different clock — “Sevan”. His “lamb”, the actuating rotates in the opposite direction (counterclockwise). Therefore, the bracket will be slightly different from that described above.
Now the owners of these timers sleep well: talking alarm clock does not scare me in the morning a small child.
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