BEST OF THE BESTCase microsociety class S6A (Fig. 1) champion 1986 A. mityureva formed of two layers of fiberglass with a thickness of 0.025 mm and subsequent treatment with sandpaper. The mandrel of variable cross section, largest Ø 18 mm, and a minimum of 13.2 mm. Aft of the case is tapered, with the last 7 mm of the length it is cylindrical, above — the length of 30 mm to a transition cone. The length of the main cylindrical portion 89 mm, the bottom glued the balsa frame with a hole beneath the engine. This provides accurate setting of MRD. The frame is made of a radial hole for fixing studs of the engine. Stabilizers balsa, with a thickness of 0,7 mm. the lateral side reinforced with fiberglass. Fairing fiberglass. It is pasted inside a frame. Join the corps — through mounted in the spinner.
Brake band size 110X1150 mm are cut from the printing Dacron (film) with a thickness of 24 µm, a weight of the ribbon and thread from 4 to 4.2 g. weight of the model without MRD and ribbon 2-2,1.
Fig. 1. Model of champion of the USSR, 1986 A. mityureva.
Fig. 1. Model of champion of the USSR, 1986 A. mityureva:
1 — fairing, 2 — frame, 3 — brake tape (streamer), 4 — body, 5 — wad, 6 — frame, 7 — MRD, 8 — stabilizer.
Model class S3A (Fig. 2) champion 1986 A. Carapina has a body, is laminated on the mandrel Ø MM 17,95 three layers of fiberglass with a thickness of 0.03 mm. the Tail length of 38 mm zauzeta to Ø 13.2 mm (conical). Inside the adhesive is mounted on the engine compartment, represents a fiberglass tube length of 43.5 mm and Ø 13,3 mm.
Stabilizers balsa with fiberglass reinforcement. Fairing is molded from fiberglass. In it for mounting it in the housing is mounted an adapter sleeve with a length of 20 mm, the closed end of the frame. Parachute Ø 600 mm of Mylar film with a thickness of 4 µm, four slings have a length of 620 mm.
Fig. 2. Model of champion of the USSR, 1986 A. Carapina.
Fig. 2. Model of champion of the USSR, 1986 A. Carapina:
1 — fairing, 2 connecting sleeve, 3 — frame, 4 — thread attachment of a parachute, 5 — chute, 6 — housing, 7 — wad, 8 — frame, 9 — engine, 10 — stabilizer.

The mass of the model without MRD and parachute 5,1—5,2 g.

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