To prepare starch from potatoes at home I have several years helps… washing machine “Kama”. To turn it into productive avometers needed very little improvement. From a round steel plate d 189 mm and thickness of 0.5 mm did scratch the disk, propertyreal his thick nail So that the disc is not deformed, sawal-Deval edge, and the holes are filled evenly deposited on the workpiece concentric circles. Took the car activator, secured PA the disc grater on six M3 bolts with countersunk heads and set back. From thick durable Board, cut out the partition, the spacer wedge and cover the boot compartment.

The partition is lowered into the tank so that the CE is a rectangular slot located just above the center of the scratch drive. Perpendicular to it is inserted on top of the spacer wedge it firmly presses the partition to the tank wall. So in the machine are formed two compartments: the smaller one for downloading the processed vegetables and more — for collecting the crushed mass. Semicircular wooden cover is necessary for secure supply of vegetables to the rotating disk.
The conversion of the washing machine in avometers
The conversion of the washing machine in avometers:
1 — activator-grater, 2 — septum, 3 spacer wedge, 4 — cover, 5 – tank washing machine.
For the preparation of the starch in a small office filled with potatoes, the machine is switched on, and gradually podlivaya water, and the tubers adhere to the lid. Finished mass is removed from the tank, washed and filtered twice through a fine sieve. The solution was then poured into a clean container for sludge. When the starch will settle to the bottom, the water is drained carefully. The last stage is drying. Crude starch a thin uniform layer is decomposed into sheets of paper and dried at temperature not exceeding 40°. Yield — up to 1 kg of starch, 10 kg of raw potatoes.
G. KONYAEV, p. Ilyinsky, Perm region.

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