Many motorists in a hurry to install in your car the so-called device to turn off the “masses” with which, without removing the terminals, the battery easily detaches from the electrical outlet. Nothing difficult here — just need to buy at the store is one of the commercially available mechanical switches and secure it in a suitable place under the hood. Is and switch the RAD-1 remote control, which will save you from having to open the hood. It is true that the control device remains under tension, and to disable the “masses” directly from salon of the car there lay a long negative cable and drill the hole in the cowl panel.

We offer our readers a diagram of the electronic switch the “masses” that do not have mechanical contacts and are therefore more reliable and durable. In addition, this device can be used as a theft deterrent.
E-switch the “masses” consists of only two semiconductor devices: SCR V2 (see wiring diagram) and semiconductor diode V1. The first serves as a solenoid, triggered by the presence of even a short-pulse ka control electrode. Such a signal can be obtained, closing the microswitch S1 mounted in the cabin. Then, the SCR V2 will open, the resistance will be small, and through the device may leak significant current. However, the SCR passes current only in one direction — from the battery to the on-Board network. And that battery could be recharged from the alternator in parallel with the SCR, but in the reverse polarity it included a diode V1.
The embodiment of the electronic disconnect switch are shown in the figure. Both semiconductor device mounted on a duralumin area size 50X50X3 mm, length 100 mm. On one shelf it is necessary to drill two holes Ø 21 mm for SCR and Ø 6.2 mm for diode average power. On the other shelf corner drill a hole the size of the bolt to the car body.
Design of the electronic unit
The design of the electronic block:
1 — micro switch, 2 — ring terminal, 3 — area, 4 — diode, 5 — SCR.

All electrical connections run stranded mounting wire, and the output of the cathode of the SCR, connect with a cable in a metal braid cap battery terminal. Braid then wrap with electrical tape.
Ready the device is put in a metal casing and nitroenamel paint it the color of the car.
To avoid drilling into the car body hole for the control wire, find holders that secure the brake pipe to engine compartment, and carefully knock the bottom. You will receive a 5 mm hole between the engine compartment and interior, through which miss the trigger wire.
Remove the screws of the cover, tikriausia the steering column, drill a hole the desired diameter and set the microswitch. One output connect the trigger wire to the second wire going to ground.
N. VIDANOV, Dubna, Moscow region

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