MIXER Housewives know to cook the most simple salad you need, pulping vegetables, to work hard with a knife or spatula. And how much labor demand, for example, Korean dishes of carrots and potatoes, each slice must be of a certain shape. Or salting when you have to cut or chop large amount of vegetables. I myself had a long time to do it. Since then, however, as in the house there was a “Second” — very simple in manufacture and operation of slicer, the time began to spend much less, really only a few seconds. Any vegetables are crushed by machine into fractions of predetermined size and mixed together.
“Second” consists of a body of cylindrical shape, lids, bottoms, guide bushing, operating rod with limiter and immersion mills with horizontal and vertical knives. All of these items I have made from stainless steel, except knives: two horizontal made from used saw blade paintings on metal, and the vertical (they can be from 26 to 40 pieces) — clock spring clock.
Before drilling holes and cutting grooves in the knives of the workpiece it is necessary thermally to release heat to crimson glow and cool. After machining, re-hardening is not required.
Drive “Seconds” is carried out from a household electric drill cartridge drill diameter up to 9 mm drive Capacity — no more than 420 watts at 940 rpm.
Dimensions and drive power are, of course, can be different from that proposed in the drawings.
Fig. 1. Mixer
Fig. 1. Mixer “Seconds”:
1 — working rod, 2 — stop, 3 — guide bushing, 4 — cover 5 — body mandolin, 6 — bottom, 7 — holder, 8 — vertical knife, 9 — cutter body, 10 — horizontal knife, 11 — shank-retainer vertical blades (in the drawing not shown).
Fig. 2. Setting knives.
Fig. 2. Installation of knives:
1 — cutter body, 2 — M3 mounting screws (6 PCs.), 3 — clip (2 PCs), 4 — pin-retainer (2 PCs), 5 — vertical knife (26 PCs), 6 — horizontal knife (2 PCs).
The principle of operation of slicers is the following. Vertical knives during the rotation of the cutters cut the product into equal vertical slices. Horizontal well milled these pieces into cubes, rods and the like. Finished mass remains in the upper cavity of the housing, above the mills, which lowered Wencelas in vegetables.
The magnitude of the resulting fragments is adjusted by changing the number of vertical knives. It is necessary to remove the cutter holder, remove the pins, the clips, and leave a selected number of knives. (Rods-clamps don’t have a special attachment, since their length corresponds to the length of the cutouts for the clips, the end wall of which and keep them from falling out.)
For cooking, say, a salad in the first place, determine how to set vegetables or fruits. Depending on this select the number of vertical knives and secure them in the clips mill. Then load in the hull washed and peeled vegetables (one or a few types — does not really matter), close the container lid. The cutter is in its upper position, and the head of the working rod is fixed in the cartridge.
By including the actuator and holding the mandoline with your left hand the guide sleeve, the right slowly lower the drill with the cutter to the stop rod in the stop.
For unloading of ready mix pull rod in the guide sleeve over the prepared kitchenware. The salad is almost ready, it remains only to add salt and spices.
A. PIKIN, Surgut

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