THE SECRET OF POPULARITYTHE SECRET OF POPULARITYOnly two years have passed since that time, as the Federation of auto modeling sport of the USSR adopted a decision on the introduction of a new class of E-2. And this, in General, insignificant for the history of the development of the modeling period, a new class has gained popularity, is not inferior to any other self-similar. What is the secret of success?

Extensive editorial mail allows you to draw an unequivocal conclusion — the advantage of class E-2 in the ease and availability of manufacturing cord models-polycopy. Simple body structure and chassis, the use of just accelerated motors mass production eliminates the need for semi-professional a fantastically complex and time-consuming work with incredible materials. But without such operations the success of no other self-similar class is simply impossible! Unfortunately, the race for results in the competitions made it so familiar that it seemed, no access to technological processes of manufacture “super”-gears or parts for the “space” of electric motors and internal combustion engines, there is no possibility to produce silver-zinc batteries or secretin for the wheels — nothing to think about the car. Even tracks I think that one of the most important components of victory — proper forcing microelectromotors (which are better than the Japanese!).
It becomes clear why the boys are living away from “self-centers” of the country, had only dreamed about the construction of micromachines any class (except only “hybrids-Vertol”). So it was yesterday. Today, aware of a number of clubs in rural schools, thanks to the introduction of competition rules new classes available (more details about the requirements of the regulations to the design cord powered cars with electric motors and external power supply can be found in the article “In light of new regulations”, “M-K” No. 4, 1984).
It is now legitimate to talk about two areas that emerged in the class E-2. First, creating a super-simple patterns designed for beginners. These mikromashinki, although having distinctive features copy, more like a “boom box on wheels”. The main problem solved in their construction, to familiarize boys with the models as a kind of technical creativity, to teach them even clumsy hands to work with different tools. The second direction is the design and manufacture of a sufficiently serious polycopy. Here for guys will be not enough knowledge with which they come in mugs. Young athletes and new information about the history of the development of the designs of these cars, and basic knowledge of working gear and electric mechanisms, and new materials processing technologies. Even without the babe perseverance and patience to build a model of the second stage of complexity. It was on such micromachines (still very simple compared with the devices of other classes!) we tell today.
Fig. 1. Model car racing
Fig. 1. Model car racing:
1 — base 2 — axis (a knitting needle Ø 2 mm), 3 — bearing (copper tube 4X1 mm), 4 — hour. 5 — cord strap, 6 — current-carrying wires to the contacts on the strap, 7 — a device stopping the engine Assembly, 8 — wheel. 9. — electronicsdigital. 10 — clamp.

Fig. 2. The car is a replica of the historic vehicle
Fig. 2. The car-a copy of a historic vehicle:
1 — “us” machine stop engine, 2 —; tent. 3 — the engine hood. 4 — wheel. 5 — spring, 6 — left arm. 7 — microelectronical, 8 — tank, 9 — strip with the electrical conductors, 10 — fastening points of the leaf springs, 11 — stud mounting “wings”, 12 — right bracket, 13 — position automatic stop, 14 — base of the chassis.

The lovers of modern automotive engineering can offer the construction polyopia automobile sports racing car. The model removable, which enables debugging of the chassis properties chassis without installing a thin-skinned shell of a body and simplifies the approach to the mechanisms if necessary repair or improvements. The body is a simple shape, can be glued thin cardboard or drawing paper, good results are obtained by the use of sheet celluloid. The finished shell is carefully painted, if desired, you can cut out sections glazing of the interior of the car, and tighten them with a transparent film.
The main chassis is plywood plate with thickness of 3-5 mm. Its contours are marked on the worksheet by using the drawing tools and a sharpened pencil, then cut with a jigsaw. In front of the plate is glued to a wooden block, bearing tubular copper bearings. For reliability of connection of metal and wood pipe pre-wrapped with a thin thread “turn to turn”. The bearings are fixed on the strip of adhesive, thus, subsequently to the axis of the front wheels were spinning without any effort, it is better to insert it in place — this will ensure the alignment of the mounting tubes.
The motor DP-10 is attracted to the chassis metal clip. If the groove in a plywood plate under cylindrical motor phase to make exactly the right size engine block be able to avoid many preregulator caused by accidental displacement of the axis of the drive wheels relative to the axis of symmetry of the model.
Since race polyopia has a “direct” transmission to the wheels, you will need to slightly increase the motor shaft. The easiest way to do the solder the tubes directly on a regular shaft. If the collector he barely protrudes out of the housing with light blows of a hammer shaft slip in the right direction. The engine can be disassembled Wheels out of round erasers available for sale in the stationery shops, are fixed on the axles with the nuts and washers.
Another model should be of interest to young adherents of “retro”-direction design. The chassis base and a cord like this is similar to the first is a plywood plate. Piece dimensions — 60X120 mm. On the two front protrusions of the frame are mounted the springs of pairs of soldered (with a coil of thin copper joints vein) strips of spring sheet steel. The upper arm of each spring is pressed to the frame at two points — in the middle and on the shank. Copper tube-podlinnike axis of the front wheels welded to the bottom produzcan springs also coil connections are copper wire.
Fig. 3. Design of a simple stopping device
Fig. 3. Design simple device stop:
1 — wire power pole motor, 2 — contact (copper tube 4X1 mm. soldering on an arm device), 3 — fork contact (brass leaf spring). 4 — lever (a knitting needle Ø 2 mm), 5 — ball-PIR (copper tube 4X1 mm, winding thread, glue, PA based model).

Fig. 4. Typical termination of the axis for mounting the wheels of the round eraser.
Fig. 4. Typical termination of the axis for mounting the wheels of the round eraser.
Fig. 5. Scheme verify correct installation of cord strap. These angles should be equal to: — 90° R — 0°.
Fig. 5. Scheme verify correct installation of cord strap. These angles must be equal: α— 90°, β — 0°.
Leading through the axle moves freely in the vertical direction in the slots of the two side brackets, cut from plywood and glued to the frame. They also determine the place of installation simulation seat, and the left one has a hole under the housing microelectrodes MED-80. Additional Polyresin allows you to permanently mount the motor to the PA model. On the motor shaft is sealed with a friction roller segment of rubber tube, to it the drive wheels are pressed by the weight of the model-polyopia.
The most interesting are the wheels. Good imitation spicemania “retro”wheels can obtain from the same erasers at the edge of the paint which mean “tires”. The spokes are segments of thin steel or copper wire, the ends of each bent and pressed into the eraser.
After working on suspension, it is better to test it in the gym even without installing the rest of the “costume jewelry”. If trial runs were OK and to alter the chassis parts are not needed, can be taken for the conversion of “trolley” model is a semi-copy of. Simulate fender, engine hood, seat occupants, awning and other elements characteristic of historic cars, made from a variety of available materials at hand. Large parts are easily cut from yellow foam stamps PHV. In addition to easy handling, it is interesting because it allows for finishing to use the nitro lacquer is nitro. Foams brand PS (“white”) can cover only oil or synthetic finishing compounds.

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