NEW YEAR EVENINGAlmost three hundred years ago Peter the great issued a decree “On the celebration of the New year,” which was ordered “by the noble and carriageways streets at the gate and houses inflict some decoration of trees and branches of pine, spruce and juniper”. This custom caught on with us and became very popular. In the forest nurseries of the country annually produces more than ten million specially grown trees. Nurture each tree on the “new” plantations, accounting for at least 10 years.
But here ends the feast. And in the first week of the new year in the courts and in the streets, junked wood beauty. In order not to unnecessarily destroy trees, the industry has mastered the production of a variety of artificial Christmas trees, outwardly differing little from the present. Options homemade Christmas trees offer our readers. Here’s and example, made V. Polyakov from Kostroma tree-lamp.
Material for it is paper with a heat-resistant and electrically insulating properties of cable stamps, phone KTN thickness of 0.12 or 0.17 mm, impregnated with a protective lacquer. As impregnating material can be used water-emulsion varnish brands VTU КУ364-54 and No. 321-T, the organosilicon varnishes EF-3, K-47, K-55, K-57. They all have high fire – and explosion-proof and have good electrically insulating properties. You can also use mica, mica paper, plenkoelektrokarton thickness 0,16, 0,2, 0,3, 0,4 mm or aluminum foil the surface of which is insulated with a thin oxide film with a thickness of 2…4 MK. Oxide insulation heat-resistant, thermally conductive, can withstand a voltage up to 100 V.
The tree light (branch conditionally deployed).
Tree light (branch conditionally deployed):
1, 2 — a metal mounting ring, 3, 4, 5 — ring paper, 6 — incandescent, 7, 8 — branches and sweep for their manufacture, 9 — needle, 10 — barrel, 11 — substrate.
For the manufacture of the branches of the tree made of paper cut them out and sweep to the outer side bonded to a thin film with mirror surface, and then do a diamond shaped hole under the needle. Of the thus obtained blanks are glued hollow branches — tough enough to withstand the weight of the needles. The branches give a slightly conical shape to improve reflection and diffusion of light.
The needles are made from thin transparent films, colored green. The source material can be polystyrene, PMMA or other plastic, with high transparency. Needle two times more natural and are diamond shaped. In the upper part of each needle has a hole for exit of heated air. Glue them to the branches should be at an angle of 35…45°.
Branches fastened together with aluminum and paper rings.
All cavity elements illuminated by small light bulbs, for example, brand АМН12,4 (12 voltage or 6 V power 4 watts). Lamp base grind to the required size.
Light from light bulbs, scattered and Bouncing off the mirrored walls of the branches, it falls through the holes in the branches, in hollow needles, which emit green rays.

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