PAPER UNDER THE PRESSBig trouble brings a collection of different types of paper: wrapping paper, packages of individual sheets. Not so much difficult to tie together, how much to compress into a dense bundle. For these cases I suggest to use the press as a packer.
It is a rectangular plywood box with a hinged forward wall and a pressing device consisting of the pressure Shoe with the lever. For greater strength the walls of the box are joined dural corners.
Press packer for waste paper.
Press packer for the paper:
1 — stick rack, 2 — front, 3 — lock of the front wall, 4 — locking-hooks, 5 — dural area, 6 — cut piano loops, 7 — lever, 8 — bar 9 — the Shoe.
If you have a large paper bag, paste it inside the box. As fill set on top of the pressure Shoe, thread the rod arm into the hole in the back wall of the box and the nearest strut hole . Shoe. Press it down until it stops and lock it in this position hook the front wall. When the paper will crush, the Shoe can be removed and continue filling the bag. If a paper bag is not there, lay on the bottom of the box criss-cross two strips of sturdy paper or two cords — for final dressing of the bale.
According to the magazine “Popular science”, USA

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