OF PUSKACH - MICROMOTORAlmost every Modeler had to suffer with the launch of a new motor. In all cases when it is necessary to simplify and speed up this process, you will need a starter. It is designed on the principle Puscuta from the tractor T-150.
Parts for the starter will need a bit: wooden handle, pulley (well suited the part from the washing machines “Riga”) and the spring of the clock. If we add the nail axis, a sturdy string or cable from a motorcycle with a small arm on the end and rubber coupling adapter, it can be taken in Assembly of the mechanism. How to do it, it is clear from the figure.
Device model starter.
Device model starter:
1 — arm, 2 — axis, 3 bracket, shroud, 4 — return spring; 5 — casing, 6 — pulley, 7 — arm cable, 8 — cable, 9 — metal tube-bearing, 10 — rubber-coupler-adapter.

I. EREMENKO, S. Hassock, Tatarbunarsky district, Odessa region.

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