Hoping to equip the apartment “talking” for hours, tried to collect an acceptable design using standard domestic circuits. But once faced with the complexities of the “firmware” electronic memory, decided as the basis for its hours to accommodate wrist alarm TALKING WATCH — cheap consumer goods from China. The result was an information system capable of interesting, in my opinion, and many readers of the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”.

An important part of the housing “talking” hours is scalable depending on the number of premises for a network of speakers and buttons. This gives you the opportunity to obtain information about the exact time, while in any room or even hallway.
Wanting, for example, immediately after waking up to specify the time, press the button SB1. Work, getting power supply, relays K1 and K5. The first of them instantly someblokelol (through the normally closed K2.2, short circuit.2, K4.2). Contacts K1.1 it connects to the output of the amplifier, assembled on the transistors VT1-VT4, BA1 loudspeaker with volume control R1. Nezamorachivayas turnips K5 momentary closure of the contacts K5.1 (POLL) already starts at this point, the speech synthesizer TALKING WATCH, and the bedroom sounds of speech information about the exact time. In other rooms the speakers are silent.
Worth, going, say, to the kitchen, press the set button SV2 (in the hall — VS, and in the corridor — ЅВ4) as relay K1, if it is on the self inevitably returns to its original state. But paired with the K5 turns on K2 (for other options, such as short-circuit or, respectively, K4).
Electrical schematic (a) amplifier PCB (b) and base unit (in) home
Circuit diagram (a) amplifier PCB (b) and base unit (in) home “talking” hours.
Triggered electronics and speaker BA2 (VAZ, ВА4) gives verbal information about the time.
Home “talking” watches do not need to debug, convenient and reliable in operation. Besides look very aesthetically pleasing, if you arrange the base unit in an elegant box with the front of the LCD screen indicator, an electronic key MODE, HR, MIN, and TALKING, and stretching in each of the areas of wires (one pair for the button, one for the speaker) to put under the plinth.
However, the limit of perfection, as we know, no. Home service time is no exception. It is possible, in particular, to improve its energy security by replacing TALKING WATCH built-in micrometraje the larger extension with a total voltage of 3 V or on a network adapter that will provide power supply and amplifier, and everything else is stable 5 and 20 VDC.
V. DENISOV, Svetlogorsk, Gomel region.

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