SPURS OF ICENumerous devices to footwear designed to protect from a fall on a slippery road, have, as a rule, one common drawback: effective on the ice, they begin to help its owner to slip, if he sets foot on the stone floor or metal step. To avoid this, means snow needs at the right time to display to the off position. As described below, the device allows to do this.

Heels with two screws to fasten the cheeks, with which the covering is pivotally connected to the heel clip. It in tubular nests placed removable spikes, which make the Shoe grip on slippery road reliable. At heel reinforced heel pad — metal plate with two holes one above the other. The screw smooth cylindrical end coaxial fixes the hole in the bracket and one of the holes of the plate. In the lower position of the bracket spikes are the support plane of the heel and is ready to perform its function; wherein the heel rests on the bracket at three points, which ensures sufficient stability. In the upper position of the bracket spikes are in the inoperative position. The screw is provided with a knurled head, is threaded sleeve, is firmly attached to the bracket.
Stepping after icy roads on the stone floor for several revolutions of the screw to release the bracket and raise its rear edge and fix.
Spikes snow
Spikes anti-skid:
1 — cheek (2); 2 — bracket; 3 — thorns; 4 — panel; 5 — screw fixing; 6 — threaded bushing.

The device is made of steel, parts 1, 2, 4 — plate thickness 2 — 3 mm, their sharp outer edges are rounded. Sleeve and sockets for studs connected with the bracket by welding or soldering, hard solder. The holes in the parts of 1.4 should be under countersink flat head screws. The spikes can be held in the sockets by friction or thread; sharpened ends of the spikes should temper. With a supply of spikes, they can promptly change with wear and tear

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