I love pork a lot. Especially your home. Therefore willingly give birth on a farmstead piggy — unpretentious to the food suppliers of meat and fat. So they do not fall ill, and more and quickly gaining weight, zealous owners equip them to individual places of detention. This kind of machines, raised above the floor.

To facilitate operations, animal care floor in one half of the allocated plot, make a slit from timber 50×50 mm, while the remaining part represents the solid decking boards with a minimum thickness of 30 mm, stowed (preferably poles) in the framework of the framework. Last to perform better metal. For example, to weld a steel area 30×30 (45×45) mm. But can be built from wooden beams 70×70 mm, and tie — planed boards section 100×30 mm.
At the front of the machine and put the rectangular feeder for production which will suit any material. But better if it is metallic — easier to wash-to clean. In order that the animal does not knock over my feeder, with the installation of it is slightly pushed under the edge of the floor. Each piggy kept on a leash and fix the belt with a carabiner. The number of “working” links in the chain increase as the extension of the animal.
This machine is faster an animal gains weight
In this machine, the faster an animal gains weight:
1 — frame; 2 — feeder retractable; 3 — the flooring is solid; 4 —chain with hook; 5 — tray; 6 — deck slit; 7 — a belt with a carabiner.

Under the slit part of the floor perform a channel for the removal of manure. And to stand frame not prematurely rot and serve as long as possible, to provide thrust, which spread from a brick or cast cement.

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