In the aquarium automation now the dominance of the expensive import, processors, chips, complex equipment… But is it always justified the cost of purchasing the advertised aggressively in the domestic market by foreign devices? And isn’t it better to return to the simple and reliable Russian designs? Among them can be attributed to the proposed technical solution.


Those whom it will interest, reported in detail. The recommended option is designed for the manufacture of aquarium automation in a home workshop. Use a well-worn watch, ready relay, and other common electro – and radio components. Installation — hinged.
Not being critical of the type used in her details, the electrical circuit begins to function immediately after Assembly. But if desired, an additional adjustment of the values of resistor and capacitor, marked with an asterisk. Through the adjustment, it is necessary to remember: resistance at the site must be such as to avoid any “bounce” of the contacts in the control circuit and, respectively, about (re) enabling the solenoid coil K1 of the dispenser-distributor of the feed.
circuit diagram homemade aquarium automation
circuit diagram homemade aquarium automation
Now a few words about the sensor time intervals for aquarium automation. Saw: instead of imported electronics can successfully serve the so-called Maltese mechanism, besides homemade. However, he will have to shape, somewhat different from the classic dealt with theoretical mechanics. Because as the title of the interacting links here — cut of 2 mm foil fiberglass d-pad and the pin-slide is mounted on… clockwise hours.
Taking orders from one of the companies, who wished to equip the “Maltese” automatic aquariums for their office, the author has placed the base with axle and glass fibre laminate base directly on the dial, a secondary hours. But similar details of the sensor time intervals can be not a little success, to squeeze, after reducing their size relative to the length of the hour hand, and alarm clock.
1 — the watch dial; 2 — hour hand; 3 — pin slide (ceramic pin from the thermostat of the iron, appliance, or large relay); 4— spider (foil glass fiber s2); 5 — axle (steel rivets); 6 — the bearing (bronze bushing); 7 — Teflon washer; 8 — base (foil glass fiber s2); 9— screw M3 (2 EA.), 10 — spring contact (relay 2)

Maltese Timing mechanism is preferably set between the graduations of the dial, marked with numbers 7 and 8. And the extra foil on two opposite quarters of the cross should be removed to ensure proper operation of the actuators (the rotary valve-distributor feed at dawn; relay, running on the switching of lighting and other aquarium service in the morning and off in the evening). This is the mode, according to scientists and aquarium enthusiasts, is optimal for most fish and aquatic plants.
As for the dispenser-distributor of feed, and it can be homemade. The basis of its elementary coil code from the door electrical lock. Retractable coil core is connected with the l-shaped pull-tube located in the neck of the container for storage of victuals designed aquarium fish.
a Variant of home-made dispenser-dispenser feed
Option a home-made dispenser-dispenser feed:
1 — coil with a retractable core (code from the door electrical lock); 2 — pull-tube (steel wire O2); 3 — feeder (the spray can with the bottom cut off), 4 — aerosol valve; 5 — dry food

A similar device is easy to fabricate and at the base of the electromagnetic relay РЭС10. It is only necessary, by removing the case and pripal to the anchor actuator in the form of a spatula, place it in the feed hopper. As the last fit, say, a plastic soap dish with a hole in the bottom. This hole should be such that the spatula opening and closing it, provided the fish dosed food results in the morning triggers of aquarium automation.

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