SIMULATOR SOUND MOTOR“Voiced” model tractor, car or locomotive immediately “alive”, if you supply electronic simulator sound. The scheme of the device, imitating the “voice” of the internal combustion engine, printed Yugoslav magazine “Radioamator”.

The basis of the simulator on one of the many variants of the LC generator with two transistors of different type conductivity. Frequency adjust variable resistor R1. If motor adds momentum, respectively increase the frequency of the generator, reducing the resistance of R1.
The device can be applied to any pair of low-power domestic
Mode both transistors DC current set by selection of resistor R1 and H19. The voltage at the collectors VII and /T2 should be about half the supply voltage.
In the equalizer you can use any low-power silicon transistors КТ3102, КТ342, KT315, КТ312, КТ306 with any alphabetic indexes.
When using the potentiometer slide type is easy to imagine the shape of the frequency characteristic of the equalizer according to the position of the pen — in this case, it is called “graphic”.
transistors n-p-n and p-n-p type. For example, КТ306, КТ312, KT315 (V1) and КТ208, КТ209, KT361, KT814 (V2) with any alphabetic indexes. The output transformer and dynamic head — from any transistor radio. The battery 3336L.

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