RELIABLE ASSISTANT TILLERSContinue the story of machines and mechanisms, built by V. A. VERBELEN — Amateur designer from the village of Zelenchukskaya, Karachayevo-Cherkess Republic. In the publication “walk-behind — nothing more” (“modelist-Konstruktor” No. 2’98) was described by his faithful gardening assistant “Electronics”. Now we offer you to familiarize yourself with the design of the cargo truck to the tillers.

As V. A. Sverbil uses its “Electronic” primarily for growing potatoes, on a cargo truck for walk-behind tractor carried most of this agricultural product. And in quite a large number: the cart contains six bags of potatoes, plus the weight of the driver — a total of about four hundred pounds. Hence the design features of the truck: durable led, powerful frame and roomy body, reliable wheels. In such a sequence and will be considered listed components and assemblies.

Drove consists of multiple parts connected by electric welding. The most loaded here is the junction of the housing of the rotary unit and the drawbar. Therefore, it is strengthened by four ribs.
The frame is made of set of steel items: angles, bars, pipes of circular and rectangular cross-section. They are welded into the design, some of which is due to intricacy of the work truck on the ground, full of uneven terrain, loose rocks and boulders: operational load are very great.
The truck
Cargo truck:
1 — bracket mounted implements of the walking tractor “Elektronik”, 2 — console, 3 — led, 4 — step (Board s20), 5 — seat driver (Board s20), 6 — frame, 7 — body (Board s20), 8 — beam support (timber 50×50, 3 piece), 9 — bolt M8, 10 — thrust (pipe 58×4), 11 — wheel (sidecar FDD, 2 PCs.).

1 —the case of the rotary unit, 2 — pole (pipe 49×3, L1820), 3 — frame running boards (area 25x25x4), 4 — stop (pipe 58×4), 5 — the rib (s4), 6 — panel (strip 25×4).

1 — brace (area 21x21x3), 2 — frame seats (area 21x21x3), 3 — riser (pipe 50x25x4), 4 — seat post (area 40x40x4), 5,14 — front struts (tube 50×25), 6, 15 — the longitudinal spars (area 40x40x4), 7, 8 — support wheel axle right (area 32x32x4), 9,16 — rear struts (tube 50×25), 10 — cross member reinforcement (area 40x40x4), 11 — the case of the longitudinal joint (pipe 58×4), 12 — axis wheel (rod Ø 30), 13,17 — transverse spars (area 40x40x4), 18 — solitaire (s4).
Swivel carrier

Swivel carrier:
1 – console, 2 — boots, 3,6 — bearings 36206, 4 — body, 5 — Bush spreader, 7 — bushing remote, 8 — washer, 9 — nut М20х2,5, 10 — oiler, 11 — pole.

As the wheel axis applied to a steel rod with a diameter of 30 mm, connected angled legs and the gusset with the side members and the housing longitudinal joint using welding. The length of the rod is selected such that the wheels do not protrude beyond the contours of the body.
Under a powerful frame and strong body, knocked together from boards of 20 mm thickness and reinforced on the corners of the metal plates. It is attached to the frame by means of bolts and three powerful support beams of timber 50×50 mm Loaded body, like any odniesienie truck — load center should be located closer to the front wall and not to go beyond the axis of rotation of the wheels.
Since the truck is mainly intended for the carriage of sacks of potatoes, the body is made with neotkryvshiesya sides. For movements of bulk cargo truck is rarely used.
The wheels are borrowed from a long popular object homebrew — motorized FDD: used front with hubs assembled. The ends of the rod — wheel axles turned under planting diameters of the regular hub bearings. Long-term practice of operation of the truck showed that this wheel is the most suitable.
With walk-behind cart connect using the console, the upper part of which repeats the contours of the grip of the same Hiller, as inserted in the normal bracket mounted implements, while the bottom represents the axis around which the two angular contact bearings, rotating swivel led. The space between the bearings filled with grease and covered with anthers.
With the frame of the truck the carrier is connected pivotally to the pole inserted into a tubular body longitudinal pivot on the end of his worn and fixed by M8 screws snap ring. This connection allows the wheels of the truck to be independent of the position of the wheels of the cultivator on uneven roads.
The driver manages a bunch of behind tractor—trolley, lying on the wooden seat in front of the body. Hands he holds the control levers and foot rests on a wooden footrest attached to a special box on the drawbar carrier.
In a small publication, of course, impossible to present all details of the design. In the figures, for example, shows such fine details as side loops with straps for fastening of cargo. Not pictured soft cushion on the seat, without which any trip would be for the driver test. It seems that these and other elements of an Amateur designer will feature your product on their own.

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