If you want to have in the house and other buildings efficient heating and cleanliness, you can always use the electric-powered three-phase network with voltage of 380 V, both independently and in conjunction with a boiler for solid or liquid fuel.


The boiler is a steel tank, welded cut metal pipe. Water heating is carried out with the help of tubular electric heaters (heating elements) with a total capacity of 6 kW. The author used it as support for collaboration with boiler on solid and then liquid fuel boilers. This greatly increases the efficiency of home heating.
Observations show that for home in the Ukraine area of 50 m2 is sufficient boiler capacity of 6 kW. On an area of about 80 m2 it will take about 10-12 kW. In this case, you can use two in parallel for the proposed boiler or make one more power.
Domestic boiler
Fig. 1. Domestic boiler:
1 – outlet pipe of the hot water; 2 – tank; 3 – heater; 4 – a pipe of cold water inlet; 5 – upper flange with a sealing gasket; 6 – tray; 7 – lower flange; 8 – cover pan; 9 – the bottom of the tank (base of Heater); 10 – hole for the cord; 11 – gasket
Electric diagram of the boiler
Fig. 2. Electric diagram of the boiler:
And machine up-50-ZMT; heater – tubular heater; C, P – push-button station; m – magnetic starter; TP – sensor-relay of temperature TR-0М5-03; R – relay; T – toggle switch; PR – fuse


The boiler can be operated in manual and automatic mode. The use of simple automation allows you to maintain the indoor setpoint temperature (e.g., in the range of 18 – 20°C) and significant energy saving.
For boiler operation in manual mode, turn off the switch T and Then press the “start” button (P). If the air is colder than the upper regulated limit (i.e., the contacts 1-3 of the temperature TP relay closed) – work magnetic contactor, which will include the heating elements and their block contacts block the “start” button. Is heating water. When reaching the room set temperature switch contacts of the relay TP, which opens the supply circuit of the magnetic starter. The boiler turns off. Again it can only run the “start”button.
For boiler operation in automatic mode switch on the switch T. In this case, the temperature of the air in the room will be maintained in preditah actuation of relay TR. The cooling of air to a predetermined adjustable limit contacts 1 – Z TP, the boiler comes into operation. Upon reaching the desired temperature the switch contacts of relay TP relay R, which closes the supply circuit of the magnetic starter. The boiler shuts down. Further, the cycles repeat.
The boiler is connected to heating system taps; when combined with another boiler will place it next.
The electrical part is mounted in the electric panel. It has automatic, magnetic starter, relay and button control. The layout of the parts is arbitrary. It depends on the size of the Cabinet and available parts. Installation must be carried out by an experienced electrician according to AlwaysOn “Rules for electrical installation”. Pay particular attention to the quality of the grounding system, its reliability and General condition should be checked by measurements at least once a year and after each repair. Measurements must be made speciational organization with the results of the Protocol measurements.
The tank sensor-relay room temperature, TR-OM5-OE install on the wall space that best characterizes the thermal regime at home. Switch / sensor adjust to the desired temperature in the room. In the absence of the proposed temperature sensor, you can use other, but in this case you will have to change the wiring.
The reliability and safety of the boiler checked for over 10 years. However, in case of incorrect installation, as well as for violation of provip operation it may present an increased risk. To avoid this, you must comply with the following rules:
1. Not before and after the boiler to put the valves.
2. The body of the boiler and the electrical panel must be grounded.
3. On the floor in front of the boiler and electrical panel should be put dielectric mats.
4. Before entering the boiler to work you must present it to the inspector Rosener-gosnadzora for permission to operate.
5. Repair boiler can maintain only an experienced electrician.
Otherwise you to operate the boiler impossible.
P. KRAVCHUK, p. L u b e W o V, Ukraine

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