LAMP CHANGES COLORYellow, almost sunlight fills lying under a table lamp a book. To read easily and pleasantly; but after an hour and a half, and you notice that colors start to get bored. To rectify the situation is very simple: you turn the handle-regulator, and color light changes gradually. From the solar spectrum, you can choose any — from red to dark blue, and you can change not only the colour but also its saturation.

It works I designed a filter for the light. Its principle of operation is based on the subtraction subtractive colors, but the basic difference from others is that the dyes in three colors — yellow, purple and blue and I applied the liquid.
The filter design is shown in figure 1. In the cylindrical case fitted with four clear glass, three of which can move along its axis. The movement of the glass is Cam rings. Thus, rotating them, you can change the gap from zero to maximum between any two adjacent Windows.
Liquid dyes the desired concentration is filled into the space between the panes. Changing the gap, thereby changing the color saturation or, in other words, the density of the corresponding color. Well as combinations of any two of the three primary subtractive colors, different densities give all the colors of the spectrum, the total color will be determined by the ratio of the thickness of layers of liquid dye and color saturation — thick layers.
Fig. 1. Device filter
Fig. 1. Device filter:
1 — cover, 2 — casing, 3 — upraw Leumi screw, 4 — lobe ring, 5 — bracket, 6 — spring, 7 — screw, 8 — sealing cord 9, 10 — filling hole and screw-plug, 11 — liquid dyes, 12 — glass 13 — plastic cavity.

R and p. 2. Device plastic fur
R and S. 2. Device plastic fur
As dye I used a solution of bichromate (K2CDF4) — (yellow), potassium permanganate KMPO4 (Magenta) ink, and blue “rainbow” to pens. Their concentrations are chosen arbitrarily.
Glass, better organic, have the circle groove designed to secure her by a plastic bellows to compensate for the excess volume of the liquid when approaching the glass. The fur is Easy to do: polyethylene film is cut to the appropriate number of rings, and their edges are welded by heating.
That’s all. I deliberately did not touch issues the installation of this filter on the lamp, in each case, the docking will be carried out in their own way.

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