MOP FOR NEATTo clean the floor without wetting the hands will allow the device to make that possible for everyone. It eliminates the “wet” operations: rinsing and squeezing the cloth. I hope that it will appreciate not only “ambitious” Housewives and elderly people, but also professionals in the field of household services and all those who have to clean public buildings.
The device is mounted on a conventional standard galvanized bucket, but is also suitable for plastic, enamelled, in a word, to any capacity. It works about the same as the squeegee rollers of the washing machine: by pressing the foot lever mechanism two converging roller, between which is stretched a cloth. At first I even tried to take this site from “Riga”, but it is too heavy and too big for the bucket.
Settled on cushions, they use Amateurs for rolling prints when polishing. In the stores they are found in two types: short and long, with two handles. Here large was it fit like a glove.
Fig. 1. Squeezing device in a bucket.
Fig. 1. Squeezing device in a bucket.
Of tools it took the usual drill, hacksaw, hammer, file, etc. For workpieces used aluminum profile. Not to make the wrong size, pre-modeled design of the wire, arching her basic details of the device. These include H-shaped base stand with hinge joints; the latter are connected with two struts, the upper part of the associated transverse bar movable under the platen, and the bottom — mount corners with arched pedal.
The stationary platen is installed in the ears, priklepany to the bucket and is movable on the crossbar of the uprights, the height of which should allow him to move to the opposite edge of the bucket. The strut is deflected under the action of the spring connecting one of them to the ground. Thus the arcuate pedal rises, ready to work. The arc length is selected such that in the raised position foot pedal not rested on the side of the bucket. Another reference point: the cross member of the base must be smaller than the diameter of the bottom of the bucket, the length of the other two elements as well as hinges hinge and cross member struts — larger than the diameter of the bucket top.
The device operates as follows. Rag on the broom”lazy” back in the bucket and then lifted so that the clamping site was slightly above the stationary roller. Pressing his foot on a bent pedal input movable roller and stretch the cloth up.
Fig. 2. The device of the squeezing device.
Fig. 2. The device of the squeezing device:
1 — base, 2 — pedal, 3 bucket, 4 — stationary roller, 5 — movable cushion, 6 — lugs, 7 — crossbar racks, 8—, 9 — area 10 — hinge 11 — loop hinge, 12 — cross member of the base.
The design of a commercially available mechanical mops with a wire clip allows you to remove the dust of the feet of wardrobes, cabinets, sofas. Had to upgrade it. I picked up the phone that long, so she freely fell into the bucket. To it was welded perpendicular to another pipe, which serves as a bushing for a handle. A similar pair a few large diameter pulled at her. Moreover, the cross pipe half-cut along so that she could squeeze the rag. The sealing is effected by a spring working in compression between the outer sleeve and the bolt that locks the shaft into the inner bushing.
Fig. 3. Modernizirovana
Fig. 3. Modernizirovana “lazy”:
1 — shaft, 2 — Bush cuttings, 3 — retaining bolt 4 — spring, 5 — sleeve biasing pairs of 6 — cross member biasing the pair, 7 — main crossbar, carrying a rag, 8 — rag.
V. MIKRYUKOV, Chelyabinsk

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