AUTOMATIC-ECONOMYElectricity is steadily going up. So now even avid spenders are forced to take care of her savings, the benefit — there is a very wide selection of devices designed to save valuable kilowatt hours. Its rightful place is here and homemade machines off “extra” loads. It is gratifying that among the most interesting of them — the development receiving a “ticket to life” in the pages of “Modeller-designer” (see, for example, publications in № 4’89, 6’91, 9’92, 1’95, 7’2001 of the journal).

I designed the light in the hallway is also automatic. It is located in a convenient and compact housing made of plastic soap holders, connected in parallel to contacts of the regular switch and its installation requires no hacking of plaster (wiring now everywhere inside), no dodgy brackets and adapters.
The instruction manual is also not necessary. Because the proposed device is essentially an electronic relay that reliably triggered when pressing on the START button. Customized energy saving, it turns on the light only for one or two minutes. Usually this is enough to at the entrance to the hallway to remove the vestments of the road and navigate. If you need lighting for a longer period of time, then you need to re-click on the same button or on a regular switch.
Essential electric circuit and a printed circuit Board, the device for automatic switching off lights in the hallway
Essential electric circuit and a printed circuit Board, the device for automatic switching off lights in the hallway
Circuit diagram of machine tailored to effective use of the possibilities of modern and reliable optothyristor ТО125 is 12.5. The application of a composite transistor (a successful “symbiosis bipolar” КТ3102-КТ603Г) became a guarantor of a fairly large time delay.
However, this circuit design can be improved. In particular, the time delay switch off the machine power is easy to increase, replacing the first of these bipolar semiconductor triode field effect transistor (for example, from a number of popular, well-proven in practice КП302, КП303, KP307).
For mounting machine is used pseudospectra fee of one-sided foil plastic 80x60x1,5 mm. non-conductive grooves in it are a makeshift torch out of the wreckage of the steel cutter metal cutter or microdrile machine “Skillful hands”. Led and control button START are displayed on the plastic body of the machine.
A. PARTIN, Ekaterinburg

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