EASY SANDINGSandblaster — correct thing. The more compact, original, crafted with his own hands on the basis of the defective foam extinguisher. In fact, a fire extinguisher is taken only of the case. He cut inside, inserted the slightly curved pressure pipe with threaded ends and “sand” the groove at the bottom.

The groove shape is rectangular, size is 18×8 mm. After the end of the tube will take its place in pre-drilled holes, the two housing parts are connected to gas or electric again in a vessel.
Sandblaster of fire extinguishers:
1 — housing; 2 — pressure; 3 — discharge tube; 4 — screw-stopper; 5 — minor river sand; 6 — replaceable tip

It is filled with dried and sieved river sand. On the lower end is screwed on the tip, forming a stream, the upper high pressure hose connects to the compressor. Sand through the groove into the lower part of the tube and under the pressure of the air injected by the compressor, has the abrasive jet from the nozzle. This jet can remove rust or old paint from the workpiece.

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