DOWELRepair of apartments are usually not restricted to pure cosmetics. Frequently time some alterations, additional equipment: build utility cabinets, replacement of cornices, hanging shelves, mirrors, hangers. And this inevitably confronts us with the eternal problem: how it is fastened to the walls? Everyone has experienced domogala my favorite techniques: someone drilling holes with a drill with pobeditovym a drill, others prefer carbide punch and hammer. Well, if you need to attach something to a thin wall – for example, the current incabin boxes or cupboards? Industry in this case offers nothing to the house master. For ordinary walls, you often need something more reliable than sagaydaka over time, the wooden plug or plastic plug.

Here are a few options homemade metal dowels “with a twinkle” – like concrete walls and all kinds of hollow panels and panel dividers.


In figure 1 the device of tubular dowels for thicker walls. Take a copper pipe, sawed it in half. One of the halves grind the end of the wedge, the other make a counter-groove a triangular file and just sawed with a hacksaw. It remains to wear them on a long screw, bind duct tape and insert into the hole. The rotation of the nut, we’ll slide the one half to another so that they got jammed by the.
The same principle works and another version of the dowels (Fig. 2), but instead of the pipe, the crushed made of metal strips. Close to them and the third (Fig. 3) is a metal strip with tapered shoulders – they have a bend when tightening the screws. This plug comfortable for thin panels and walls.
Fig. 1. Tubular wedge dowel
Fig. 1. Tubular wedge dowel:
1 – screw with a nut; 2 – washer; 3 – wedge portion of the tube; 4 – adhesive tape; 5 – rasklinivanie part.

Fig. 2. Collapsible box-shaped dowel

Fig. 2. Collapsible box-dowel:
1 – screw with a nut; 2 – washer; 3 – a metal strip
Fig. 3. Bendable plachtovy dowel

Fig. 3. Bendable plachtovy dowel:
1 – screw with a nut; 2 – bushing spacer wall thickness; 3 – stripes on shoulders.
Fig. 4. The dowel-hot...

Fig. 4. Anchor-“the nipple”:
1 – screw with a nut; 2 – washer; 3 – a spring wire ring
Fig. 5. Anchor-

Fig. 5. Anchor-“the rocker”:
1 — screw with a nut; 2 — washer; 3 – rocker retainer.

They are calculated and the two other options. One spring-loaded wire ring (Fig. 4), the other with a yoke-clamp. At the mouth of the drilled screw hole for the axle clamps and a hacksaw is propyl along the screw – recessed one arm of the locking rocker arm. If the second arm is longer, it must draw after the passage wall, and the latch will automatically occupy a working position for tightening (Fig. 5). The screw end can be folded as a hook or cut off with a hacksaw.

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