CLAMPWhen repairing thin lines (such as a car or refrigerator), it would be good to have on hand a small pipe cutter, and for connection of pipes with swivel nuts — device for rolling. Not hurt in a home workshop and a small vise. All of these devices can be made in the form of a set of interchangeable tool based on a simple clamp of suitable size (or specially manufactured). The design will need slight modification for mounting of tools for different purposes. In the first place must be milled afterwards the groove under all replacement fixtures (cage support rollers, rolling, vise) and drill a hole for the stopper.

Race knife-cutter and supports pipe rollers are made of steel 3 or steel “45” and the rollers — of steel “45”. In the middle of each of them is turning to at the moment of rolling on the tube, they did not swallowable the groove cut by knife. The knife itself needs to be firm enough, so its better to make it using carbon tool steel “U8” (“silver”) or “U10”. After making the knife, tempering, heating with a blowtorch or burner household gas stoves. Quenching is in water. It should be remembered that molten metal from the surface of the product fades, so the thickness of the cutting edge of the workpiece it is necessary to leave not less than 0.5 mm; Polishing and sharpening are performed after tempering, a small whetstone, rotating the billet of a knife, put on the screw with the nut and clamped in the Chuck of a drill. If the result of the heat treatment the knife is very fragile and he painted the cutting edge, it must be released, by heating with a blowtorch or on a gas burner to slaboalkogol (“straw”) color.

Pipe cutter and a vise Assembly.

Pipe cutter and a vise Assembly.


The cutter.

Pipe cutter:

1 — cage support rollers, 2 —supporting roller, 3 — knife, 4 — clip knife, 5 — a guide clip knife, 6 — screw clamp 7 — clamp, 8 — stopper.


Other device makes it easy to flared pipe ends. To this end, it is clamped in the mandrel of the roll so that the treated end was performed at 2-5 mm. Due to the fact that drilled in the mandrel hole by 0.2—0.3 mm smaller than the external diameters of the pipes, the latter are held securely in them. The tube is then inserted into the groove for the cage support rollers, and valchemy the end of it is against screw clamp. Pipes up to Ø 6 mm valuutta end portion of the screw and Ø 8 mm with put on a support screw clamp.
Design of replaceable vises are also very simple. They are made of steel 3 or steel “45”. Replacement parts jaw possibly need to be heat treated. A vise attached to the table or workbench using clamps, as shown in the figure. If necessary, they can be used as a manual. For this purpose they are fixed on the clamp by the stopper and pressed the bottom screw Assembly in support.
1 — screw vise 2 — locking ring 3 is a fixed jaw, a 4 movable jaw, 5 — replaceable parts of the jaws.
Provisions of the support clamp on the screw.
Versions of the provisions of the support clamp on the screw:
a) grip, b) for rolling tubes with Ø 8 mm.

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