ELECTROSOLVENot long ago I discovered, in his home workshop old Microdrive MK-12-In, preserved, apparently, since childhood. What to do with it? Throw a pity, and here decided though somehow to use.
In fact, from the Microdrive, I left only the cylinder with the body. Flange, lug, slide and roller are machined in the cabin DIY. The rest was done in a vise with a file and hacksaw. As the axes of the pins and needles from the needle bearing. The handle was made of textolite, conveniently placed switch. Used motor PL-062 capacity of 150 watts.
Design electrosolve is as follows: on the motor shaft is worn and the stopper pin eccentric Bush. The pin hole is drilled in Assembly. A flange attached thereto with the glass, housing and the cylinder of the motor is screwed with bolts to the motor flange. The axis of the eccentric is connected with the slider by using a homemade lever. The whole structure is attached to the uprights with screws. Stands for reduction of weight is made of aluminum. Below the cutter when the work had not gone back, there is provided a pressure roller. During the rotation of the motor shaft bronze slide makes with a saw of the reciprocating motion. The Burr from the cut goes into a groove on the ski. The motor is switched through a transformer and a diode bridge.
1 — housing of the Microdrive MK-12-V, 2 — Cup, 3 — screw M2, 5X10, 4 — eccentric bushing, 5 — pin, 6 — bolt М6Х16, 7 — flange, 8 — motor PL-062, 9 — cover, 10 — axis eccentric, 11 — arm, 12 — axle, 13 — RAM, 14, the cutter 15 of the ski 16 — screw М6Х30, 17—, 18 — nut M6 19 — М4Х15 screw 20 — screw М4Х15, 21 — ring 22 — bushing 23 — axle, 24 — eyelet 25 — axle, 26 — washer Ø 3 mm, 27 — pulley; 28 screw М5Х14, 29 — screw М4Х10, 30—, 31 — screw М5Х10.
L. SEVIC, Minsk

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