DRILL-BABYI made the machine is, in essence, MICROTEL, because it does not have a flexible shaft. It’s light and compact, at the same time a significant simplification of the structure did not reduce its capacity.
The drive of the working tool from the electric motor PDM-30-N1-01, but you can use any other engine series PDM-30 and PDI-25. Case 7 (see figure) is recommended to grind aluminium alloy; for its fixing to the motor the holes are drilled on the lid the latter, as in the conductor. The spindle consists of two parts: the intermediate shaft and the shank of the collet. The order of Assembly of the spindle as follows: first, on the diameter of the shank 5 is pressed on the bearing, then the connecting thread M5 is coated with glue BF-2 or primer AK-070, and then the shank screwed into the axial bore of the shaft 6. In the manufacture of spindles and collets is necessary to pay attention to the surface of rotation was coaxial: permissible runout should not exceed 0.03 to 0.05 mm.
Longitudinal tensioning provides the locknut 8. The motor shaft and the intermediate shaft 6 mounted with a locking pin made from a paperclip and curved in the form of letters; for him at the motor output shaft drilled hole Ø 1 mm.
The slits in the collet Chuck to perform better on that machine, disk mill, at least to saw through them with a hacksaw or jigsaw. Hole Ø 2.5 mm in the housing and the mandrel is drilled in the Assembly process and serves for locking the intermediate shaft when tightening the nut 3.
The electric cord is taken from the shaver: it is most convenient when working with the machine. And if the rectifier is to add a rheostat, changing the voltage from 18 to 36 can respectively regulate the speed of the working tool.
1 — tool 2 — collet Chuck, 3 — collet nut, 4 — 1000087 bearing (2 PCs), 5 — shank collets, 6 — intermediate shaft 7 — case, 8 — locknuts 9 — motor 10 — power cord 11 — cotter pin (piece of paperclip).
X — size is selected under the tool diameter.


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