EXPLOSION-SCISSORSHow soft and manageable fire “snakes” rolled in the hands of the rollers, they are so stubborn and hard to handle in the cold when cutting them on the measuring of the workpiece. Cutting methods — sawing with diamond discs, gas or plasma cutting or not give a smooth, does not require additional processing of the edge of the workpiece, or entail a significant waste of metal.

That is why great interest was aroused pulse set-breaking cold rolled, shown recently at ENEA USSR. And showed her in the pavilion “education”. The fact that she designed in Kommunarsk mining and metallurgical Institute. La-Torah cleverly used technological method… used by glaziers in cutting glass.
Because steklorezy tool does not actually cuts, but only “scratches holes” the surface, disrupting its integrity. Then, using the physico-mechanical properties of the material, enough to make even a little effort — usually the cost of tapping along the notch and the glass is breaking exactly at the scheduled diamond line.
Experiments conducted by staff and students of the Institute showed that the same principle can be cut and rolled. Only the load must be accompanied by a “momentary”: it is known that even such a plastic material, such as resin or var, is broken and chipped when a sharp impact loads.
As the power of the Executive body and decided to use the cylinder-piston group — the explosion of the combustible mixture in the cylinder provides the necessary instantaneous load on the working tool, resembling in action the work of scissors.

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