NO HANDS, AND SKATING RINKSWhere will be introduced the trailer (see Fig.), developed plant facilities carpool trust Kuzbasstrans of Glavkuzbasstroy, will not require workers to dump taken on it lumber. A whole load of neat package “move out” on the ground because of the properties of the tipper trailer. This means that won’t affect the quality of the material brought will reduce the downtime of the car for unloading.

The secret trailer in a double frame. On the lower, main, second mounted climbing frame which actually forms the body of the trailer. Across a set of rotating rollers, made of pipes with a diameter of 102 mm and fixed in the annular supports on bearings.
The device of the trailer:
1 — main frame, 2 — frame lifting body, 3 — rink, 4 — hydraulic lift
When you enable gidravlicheskie lifting mechanism (from the car MA3-503) the rod presses on the frame body, lifting her to an angle of 45°, and the lumber on the rollers easily discharged; the entire process takes only 5 min using such a tipper trailer eliminates manual labor in handling and provides an annual economic effect of about 10 thousand.

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