Of all the plumbing tools in the “conservative” design remained still, probably only a hammer. However, the innovators of the production Association Zhdanovtyazhmash found the opportunity to improve it. They created multi-purpose bench hammer. It can rightly be called a harvester — informed so many unusual functions, it can now make thanks to the extra built-in details.

So, in the head of the hammer is done through hole, which is between the two snap rings inserted lens. Through a magnifying glass eases the installation of the center punch for marking risks. And the punch and metal needle — Scriber for drawing marking lines — inserted into lolow the hammer handle, a kind pencil case with screw-on cap for convenient, tool always at hand.
Universal hammer:
1 — striker, 2 — hollow grip handle, 3 — line, 4 — cap, 5 — punch, 6 — needle-Scriber, 7 — lens.
Hammerhead front has a spherical shape for zachekanivajut incorrectly set core. And in the outer groove of the handle of the tool is retractable millimeter range, which at any time you can make test measurements.
The introduction of multi-purpose fitter’s hammer can improve the quality plumbing work and the culture of production.

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