HOMEMADE DRILLOsnova difficulty in creating a homemade drilling machines — making mechanism of vertical movement of the working body. What if you make a machine entirely without the mechanism to serve Chuck with a drill bit, and the item itself? In this case the structure is greatly simplified. No claim to originality for his decision, but it is this idea that allowed me to design and manufacture the machine, the device which is shown in the figure.
The base is a steel plate with a thickness of 11 mm, although it is possible to use other materials, for example, textolite (of course, somewhat increasing its thickness). To the base with nuts M6, M20 and M27 attached to the rack of the machine 10 and table 4, as well as the prop shaft of the lifting mechanism 2. The first rack includes a bracket comprising two sidewalls 9 made of steel sheet with a thickness of 1.5 mm, and the dural sleeve 11. The mounting bracket can Rash fixed at any point on top of the strut (265 mm) with a screw-pawl 12 and the lever 13.
The front Desk also has a rectangular opening measuring 24 X 10 mm for entry of teeth of the gear 3. Itself gear seated on the shaft and fixed the key. Arm lift table 15 is connected with the shaft thread M10. The feed rate of 25 mm is sufficient for most jobs. If you want the hole deeper, then it can be done in two stages: first to go to 25 mm, and then, somewhat lowering the bracket with the engine at the same rate. In short, the machine allows to drill holes of any depth — how will allow the length of the drill.
Drilling machine
Drilling machine:
1 — base 2 — shaft bearing of the lifting mechanism of the table, 3 — gear with the shaft of the lifting mechanism, 4 — table, 5 — table, 6 — holder, 7 — area under the light switch, 8 — electric motor 9 — side panel bracket (depending on d engine), 10 — machine 11 — bushing bracket 12 — screw-retainer. 13 — the lever. 14 — foot base, 15 — arm lift table.
The feeder table can be without gear and gear rack, and with a simple lever control. To this end, the shank of the table drilled a shallow hole with a diameter equal to the thickness of the lever, and the rack is made a longitudinal cut. Lift table in this case is performed using the arm, passing one end through the notch and abuts against the hole of the shank.
Machine design the proposed scheme allows to use motors of various types. Their capacity will depend on the maximum diameter of the drill. So when the engine 50 W cartridge set can work with 6 mm drill, and at 120-150 watts with 9-mm.
For mounting the cartridge, it is necessary to turn the adapter. Drawing it do not bring, because the node will still have to fit the diameter of the output shaft available motor.
And another tip: before you turn on the machine to the network, it must be securely grounded.
P. TARASENKO, g. Bobrovitsa, Chernihiv region.

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