LASER CUTTING METALCutting carbon – dioxide laser is the process by which materials are cut with focused, high-energy beam of light that is generated by a carbon dioxide laser. The laser beam is focused on a specific location of the material being cut and the heat generated forms a small, localized melting throughout the thickness of the material.


A carbon dioxide lasers use a gas system that focuses on a high-speed flow of an inert gas in place of the cut to clear the cut of the molten material. Most laser machines are automated and are promoting the reduction or displacement of the cutting head or the material to follow the cut profile. Carbon dioxide cutting laser is used for a wide range of materials and is characterized by high cutting speeds and precise cutting of sheet metal.


Service laser cutting is a highly accurate method of cutting complex shapes from a wide range of materials. Lasers can be focused to extremely fine points and, at the same time, to have enough power to easily cut through fairly thick metals. Computer aided design and technology of numerical control allow to carry out complex projects. The list of materials for laser cutting is diverse and includes ceramics, plastics, metals, wood, and rubber.


Carbon dioxide lasers are the most powerful lasers with the continuous type of waves available even with examples of moderate power, able to cut steel plate thickness of 60 mm. When the metal is cut with a carbon dioxide laser system, the auxiliary gas system is usually used for continuous cutting no tail. This system uses high-pressure jet of inert gas directed at the melt point during cutting. This clears the molten material from the cut and also increases the thermal efficiency of the laser for certain materials.


The advantage of laser cutting is the reduction of burrs because there is no cutting of metal with metal that can lead to the creation of spots or spurs. Laser cutting provides a quick and error-free manufacturing because it largely eliminates the human factor. Such a process allows to reduce production costs by reducing overall operating costs. There is no need to replace the old cliches. Valid electrical and operating costs for laser cutting of metal is minimal. You can program the laser for repetition and get the most out of each sheet of metal.

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