VODOHRESCHAUsing the principle of producing hydrogen by electrolysis of aqueous alkali, as described in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 7 for 1980, I decided to make more simple and compact device, useful for working with small parts when soldering, brazing. Due to the small outer dimensions of the cell it will be a place and on a small desktop, and use as a power supply unit standard rectifier for recharging batteries manufacturer facilitates installation and makes it safe. Relatively small, but quite sufficient for the needs of the Modeler performance of the device has allowed to simplify the design of the water seal and to ensure fire and explosion safety.

For those unfamiliar with the previous publication, let me remind you the device cell. Between the two boards connected by four studs placed battery plate electrodes, separated by rubber rings. The internal cavity of the battery is half-filled with an aqueous solution of Koh or NaOH. Applied to the plates DC voltage causes electrolysis of water and production of hydrogen gas and oxygen. This mixture is discharged through the put on fitting PVC pipe in the intermediate tank and from this to a water trap. The gas that has passed through there is placed a mixture of water and acetone in the ratio 1:1 is required for combustion the composition and reserved the other tube into the nozzle — needle of a medical syringe, that burns through its outlet to a temperature of about 1800° C.
Card cell I used thick plexiglass. This material is easily handled, chemically resistant to the electrolyte and allows you to visually monitor the level, if necessary add through the filler hole with distilled water.
Plates can be made of sheet metal (stainless steel, Nickel, decamerone or transformer iron) with a thickness of 0,6-0,8 mm. For convenience of Assembly plates stamped round recesses for rubber seal ring, the depth of thickness of ring 5-6 mm should be 2-3 mm.
The ring is designed to seal the internal cavity and electrical insulation plates, cut sheet oil-resistant or acid resistant rubber. To do it manually is simple, and yet perfect for this tool — “gregoratos-universal” that is described in “M-K” No. 4, 1985.
Four steel studs M8 connecting parts insulated with a plastic tube Ø10 mm and are omitted in the corresponding holes Ø11 mm.
The number of plates in the battery 9. It is determined by the parameters of the power supply unit: its power and maximum voltage of — 2V on the plate. Current consumption depends on the number of plates involved (the fewer, the current is more) and the concentration of alkali. In more concentrated solution the current is less, but better to use a 4-5% solution during electrolysis it is not as foam.
Fig. 2. The device of the cell
Fig. 2. The device was applied.
1 — insulating PVC tube Ø10 mm, 2 — stud M8 (4 PCs), 3 — nut M8 with washer (4 PCs), 4 — left Board, 5 — tube-bolt M10 with washer, 6 — plate, 7 rubber ring, 8 — nipple, 9 — washer, 10 — PVC pipe Ø5 mm, 11 — right-fee, 12 — short nozzle (3 piece), 13 — intermediate tank, 14 — base 15 — terminal 16 — bubbling tube, 17 — atomizer-needle, 18 — body water seal.
The contact terminals are soldered to the first and the last three plates. Standard charger for car batteries BA-2, connected to 8 plates at a voltage of 17 V and a current of about 5A and provides the necessary performance of the combustible mixture for the injector needle With an inner Ø0,6 mm. the Optimum ratio of the diameter of the nozzle needle and the performance of the cell is set empirically so that the area of ignition of the mixture located outside of the needle. If performance is small or the hole diameter is too large, the combustion will begin in the needle, which this will quickly warm up and will melt.
A reliable barrier against flame propagation through the inlet pipe inside of the cell is the simplest water trap, which is made of two empty cartridges for refilling gas lighters. Their advantages are the same as the material boards: ease of machining, chemical resistance and translucency, which allows to control the liquid level in the water gate. The intermediate tank eliminates the possibility of mixing of the electrolyte and the composition of the water lock in the modes of intensive work or under the influence of discharging that occurs when you turn off the power supply. And to avoid this for sure, at the end of work immediately remove the pipe from the cell. Fittings of containers made of copper tubes Ø 4 and 6 mm, are installed in the ceiling cans on the thread. Through them fills part of the water trap and condensate drain from the separation vessel. Great funnel for this out of another empty canister, cut in half and mounted on the valve seat a thin tube.
Connect a short PVC tube Ø 5 mm cell with an intermediate capacity, the last one with the water-gate, and its output fitting long tube with a nozzle-needle. Turn on the rectifier, adjust the voltage or the number of connected plates rated current and the light emerging from the nozzle gas.
If you need more performance — increase the number of plates and use a more powerful power supply — Latrom simplest rectifier. The flame temperature also lends itself to certain changes in the composition of the water lock. When there is only water in the mixture contains a lot of oxygen, which in some cases is undesirable. Bay water slide with methyl alcohol, the mixture can be enriched and raise the temperature to 2600° C. To reduce the flame temperature of a water trap filled with a mixture of acetone and water in the ratio 1:1. However, in the latter cases, you should not forget to fill up and the contents of the water Cup.
Y. ORLOV, Troitsk, Moscow region

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