PULLER-MINIIn your journal repeatedly describes the various designs of devices for removing pressed on the shaft bearings, bushings, pulleys. I propose another option — simple in construction and quite versatile. This puller has become my indispensable assistant: allows you to avoid damage to parts during disassembly, making the work easier.

The puller is structurally simple and operates as follows. In the housing insert and fasten with two fingers grip. Summing their projections under the removable piece and the knob rotate the screw until the until it bottoms g shaft. Continuing to tighten the screw, pulling the item from the shaft.
Also removed the pressed on bushing or bearings, only need to rotate the ribs of the grips out.
Fig. 1. It looks like a mini-puller
Fig. 1. It looks like a mini-puller:
1 — the body of the puller, 2 — engagement, 3 — resistant screw, 4 — finger, 5 — knob.

Fig. 2. Use the puller
Fig. 2. The use of the puller:
A — compresses pulley, B — remove the bushing.

For the manufacture of the body of the puller I used an old lathe cutter, wepreserve in the grooves and drilling the necessary holes. This detail is possible and cook from three of suitable steel plates. Production of other parts of the fixture does not require special explanation. The size of the puller I quote roughly: they depend on the parameters parsed details.
V. GESTURE mechanic 6-th category, Irkutsk

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