RULES DPJ-quality processing of wood of iron planers, chisels and other tools necessary not only to sharpen, but to rule. This is achieved by lapping on the touchstone — the operation usually done manually and require usually more qualified skills than sharpening on elektrotochilo.

Offer a simple device for the mechanization of the dressing process. With the help of the debugging tool to the required acuity is accelerated in four or five times, eliminated debilitating repetitive motion of hands.
The fixture consists of a base made of duralumin area and acts as a guide, the runner with abrasive and rubber roller, connected by a rod with a slider. As an abrasive can be used fine sandpaper, a grindstone; the authors of the fixtures used bar of synthetic diamond, which is sold in the shops of household goods.
Sharpen tool is pressed against the abutment so that to edit the edge of the entire plane gently fell on the abrasive. Stroke length of the bar with the abrasive is governed by the transfer of thrust in the corresponding hole on the roller.
A device for grinding cutting tools
Fixture for grinding cutting tools:
1— base — rail, 2— runner, 3— abrasive, 4— machine, 5— shaft, 6— roller, 7— thrust, 8— emphasis.

To install the device on any machine having a spindle with cartridge, or accommodate any electric capacity of 40-100 W; especially convenient engine from a sewing machine With an adjustable number of revolutions, as well as being widely circulated stanochek “Skillful hands”.
R. KRAVTSOV, g E y s K

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