SOLDERING FUME EXTRACTIONWhen soldering tin-lead solder emits vapours, which are very harmful, especially lead. The smell of rosin is not all pleasant. Some hams even have to leave your favorite passion – grumble’s household. However, there is a way to make exhaust ventilation. For example, I use this for over 20 years. When making use of almost everything is ready. The hoses and the top cover is taken from a vacuum cleaner. The snail and the impeller from the heater of the car “KAMAZ”.

Engine brands EDG number 2750 revs per minute and a power of 80 W from the old tape recorder (you can use another high-speed). Had to weld only the base and the end of the “snail” for attaching the hose. The base box has dimensions 200x200x130 mm. there are placed an electric motor.
The photo is also visible pedal on. She is now on the table, and in the working position is located on the floor under your right foot (but if you prefer, you can and under the left). The suction hose that is connected from the top, is supplied to the soldering. The other hose (outlet) is inserted into the hole in the window (you can remove the glass and install in its place the plexiglass with a hole) or in the wall – through it is the release of vapours.
The hood.
Hood radio Amateur:
1 – suction hose; 2 – cover; 3 – snail, 4 – hose; 5 – base; 6 – power cable with plug; 7 – control cable; 8 – pedal on the fan motor

Soldering iron stand and a small box with a hole in its tip
Soldering iron stand and a small box with a hole in his tip:
1 – base; 2 – a plug (2 PCs); 3 – blowtorch, 4 – box

The rest of the time the soldering iron is resting on a special stand on which is mounted a bottom up case a large electrolytic capacitor (without “stuffing”). Side it drilled a hole, and inserting the soldering tip. Almost all pairs of rosin, lead and tin are deposited inside the box.
And believe me, the air in the apartment will be much cleaner.
V. GRICHKO, Krasnodar

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