STABLE ARCIf a hardware craftsman himself makes various machines, such as small tools that facilitate work on the farm and in the home, then no welding machine he can not do. Among designers and fans of the most common machines, electric arc welding stick electrodes.

However, “svarochnye” can also be different — in one case, a homemade device on the basis of school laboratory transformer (Latr), and someone and corporate machine. But all of them can be divided into two types: alternating or direct current.
Advantages of welding machines of the second type compared to first known. First, it is the softness of the formation and the stability of arc in all modes of welding and cutting of workpieces. Second, evenness and high quality of seams. In the third — low-noise (cod).
Therefore, already having a welding machine AC, I decided to make another DC, and I think that not in vain. The design turned out very workable on the part of the used electrodes (2 mm to 6 mm) and reliable — due to the ease of execution. But because I want to represent your welding machine to the readers of the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”, including many fellow homebrew.
Installation of parts and components welding machine on the platform truck
Installation of parts and components welding machine on the platform truck:
1 —transformer; 2—rectifier; 3—electrolytic capacitor; 4—throttle; 5—platform; 6—trolley

A circuit diagram of a welding machine DC
A circuit diagram of a welding machine DC
My welding machine used in transformer capacity of 5 kW. Its primary coil has 270 turns of copper wire with a diameter of 3.5 mm cotton insulation in the shell. The secondary winding has 60 turns and is made of copper bus-section 8×3 mm (like a regular transformer secondary winding) and has 38 coils with a gap for iron 1.2 mm. as the outer insulation used PTFE tape wound in several layers.
All the details of the welding machine are mounted on one common platform-the platform. Since most of the parts are massive, and the unit itself was not easy. But because the platform is mounted on a small cart to make it easier to move the apparatus from place to place.
Another advantage of the welding machine DC revealed in the course of its operation. It turns out that it can be used quite efficiently even in conditions of a home workshop welding fairly thin stainless steel sheets.
V. KURAKIN, Saransk

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