MIRROR MIRACLESIf the size of the hall, kitchen or bedroom does not suit you, take the time to change the flat. Use our advice. They will help you to double the area of any room. These methods have long been known, we only need to know how to use them wisely. You probably guessed that as a kind of a magic wand, he usually… a mirror. We are so used to the traditional it mind – contourennota frame or embedded in the Cabinet – which does not present it as a decorative element. And yet… that is the question. Look at the pictures. Even staring at the image of interior bathroom or hallway, you did not immediately understand where the actual space where the illusory mirror.

Of course, to penetrate into the past, like Alice from famous tale of Lewis Carroll, it is impossible, but the sense of space is also important for a person. Especially when we literally crushed the walls and ceiling by hanging over the head of clumsy mezzanine. Remember that only a mirror can help correct, for example, a small entrance hall with exposed angle.
Place on this part of the wall the mirror and the projection “disappears”. Importantly, the frame of the mirror was perhaps more discreet. Best impression of a frame of polished aluminium angular profile. Pick four the same “area” of the required length – one shelf profile must have a width of 5-7 mm, and the other 20. For the base you will need plywood or hardboard with a thickness of about 6 millimeters. You can, however, assemble the base of the mirrors and strips of cross-section 15×50 mm, cementing the corners of the frame plywood “gussets”, and then “corners” to attach the mirror to the base.
Truly inexhaustible possibilities of mirrors! And it seems quite clear to us the mystical horror of our ancestors, was first ensconced in two mirror plane parallel to each other and randomly drawn in the resultant endless corridor… Let’s try to use this magic as a mirror in the home. After all, the home designs, where it can be done, a lot.
Confess honestly, those derevyannaya cabinets that you can buy in the store, so not like the real fireplaces that call them that word even a bit awkward. Meanwhile, to make almost indistinguishable from the real fireplace is much easier than the same size locker.
Work start with assembling the frame. For this, you will need the Reiki section of 30×30 mm. Between their best to connect “vpoldereva”, either for the plywood gussets, glue and screws.
Depending on the installation location of pseudocumene can be flat -if it will be against the wall or base of the triangle, when placed in the corner of the room.
Then the frame is sheathed with hardboard or plywood, and then “is coated” “stone” or “brick”. And the first and second – only an imitation of these materials, the plates of plywood, hardboard or even thick cardboard. To make them similar, for example, on the bricks, cover the front surface of a latex paint tinted with colored gouache. While it is best to plant several shades of orange paint-brown tones and consistently apply them on plates (with intermediate drying) with a swab of crumpled newsprint. Glue the “bricks” are best Bustilat or polyvinyl acetate glue. The joints between the “bricks” must be luted and painted in dark grey (“cement”) color.
Not too difficult to make and the imitation of stone blocks. To do this on a sheet of plywood, hardboard or thick cardboard draw the contours of the individual “stones”. Thereafter, the sheet with the narrow button is cut on a separate plate, their sharp edges are rounded and billet lubricated with glue – epoxy or silicate. Remains of glue on top to sow the plate normal river sand and “rocks” can be considered ready. Well, if you manage to pick up the sand two to three shades – then combinations are different from each other stone blocks will look much more natural. To “fire” the “stones” are glued in exactly the same way as “bricks.”
Front “fireplace” decorated “wrought iron” grille – it is made of wooden slats and plywood rings and painted with Matt black paint. The illusion of a flickering flame is created with two or four pump low power (20 watts), painted with colored lacquer in red, orange and yellow tones. Each of them is included in the network through the starter from the fluorescent lamp – it will allow each “blink” with its own rate and frequency.
Back to “fireplace” there are two races-laid at an angle of the mirror. By placing in the center of the two or three birch, slightly charred piece of wood, and pieces of aluminum foil or metalized lavsan, you will get an excellent likeness of the flickering fireplace with half-blushing from the heat of the coals. And a considerable merit of a good simulation belongs to mirrors, reflecting and multiplying the image, like a kaleidoscope.
But back to decorated with mirrors bathroom. Shown the location of mirrors is not the only option “expansion” of space. Cut into a dozen square mirror plates the size of a tile. Carefully in several layers of paint them from the backside with oil paint (waterproofing!), dry and remove in several places the tile, replace it with mirrors, gluing them to the wall with Bustilat or mixed with cement heavy-bodied paint. If multiple mirrors are positioned next, carefully Vyberte their situation is a reflection of several plates must be unified.
Such a “window” on a solid wall would also significantly reduce the sense of enclosed space, and, moreover, play its main role – to reflect who they wish to see. The multiple use of mirrors in modern interiors! However, sometimes stop buying it for small – glass is not cheap, especially if they need several, and besides of considerable size.
In such cases, you can use a kind of substitute – metallized Mylar. Glue the wooden frame with the help of glue BF-2 glue to the ends of her film. Note that the ends have fluff glue two or three times, with intermediate drying, and applying to the ends of the tape without waiting for the final drying of the last layer. Then take the iron and setting the knob to the silk, smooth the adhesive joint. Further, the controller is set to “canvas” and proslejivaetsya have the whole plane of the future “the mirror” – while the film vtupuyu stretched to form a perfectly smooth reflective surface. This mirror will last you long enough – of course, if you don’t break through the tape with a sharp object or inadvertently will scratch him him.

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