THE GUN, FACING THE ROADAsphalt streets of towns and villages, even distant ribbon of highways — all of them like a layer cake, if you look in the context of: roadbed, sand cushion, bed concrete, asphalt. Each day of the five-year plan adds to existing roads new kilometers. And builders have a special road test: how firmly Packed surface, is it willing to stand under the infinite load of the modern transportation?

For such fast and quality checks innovators propose a simple device in which to create dynamic loads on the test section of the road is used… power of the shot. Outwardly, it resembles a shotgun: barrel — tubular case; breech and the trigger mechanism; can be charged in a special cartridge includes a carrying strap. However, the guns fired nothing.
Pyrotechnic test roads:
1 — base (stamp), 2 — the trunk of the body, 3 — trap-locks for plunger, 4 — breech, 5 — trigger mechanism, 6 — resistant screw device.

Installed on the road surface as its “butt” — a round base, or as it is called, stamp — “shotgun” the upper part rests on the supporting beam of the car, this resistant part is made as a screw-Jack with interchangeable rings for coarse height adjustment of the device.
In breech, inserted the cartridge with powder charge, and the trigger mechanism is cocked in the firing position, the firing pin and fixed with a hairpin. Below the cartridge in the barrel suspended on automatic traps-place a special weight — plunger weighing 6 lbs. She plays the role of “bullet”, but rather “core”: after pulling the pin and actuating the powder charge weight with the power swoops down and hits it through the spring at the base of the stamp. Charge at 5-6 g creates a force of up to 5-6 t
Degree formed after hitting a trough in the road surface are measured by standard instruments, for example, manual anprogram BP-1. If necessary, re-test the entire cycle of operations is repeated.

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