MAGIC The principle of the toy is clear from the figure. Figure “acrobat” with a height of about 25 mm of foam is spherical in the base of the lead. Making the jump, a figure stands on the “feet”.

“Acrobat” installed on glinkovo cost 200X90X0 size,3 mm. In the side walls at the same height from the base, make two slots where this card is inserted. And the one side of it is strengthened strictly. On the other hand the groove is wide enough, and there may it to move freely.
The electromagnet is used as a “drummer”. By clicking on the button KN1 (see Fig.) the coil L1 of the current flow, the core jumps up and hits the plate. Simultaneously flash the lamp L1, L2, and “acrobat” makes the jump. Periodically click the “acrobat” forced to do “exercises”.
The device of the toy and its circuit diagram.
The device of the toy and its circuit diagram.
The device of the toy and its circuit diagram.

The toy uses the following items: B1 — battery 3336L, L1, L2 lamp 3,5ВХ0,28 A, KN1 — button bell. The electromagnet contains 500 turns of wire sew-1 is 0.44. The frame of the electromagnet is made. From pressshpana or from heavy paper cut a strip width of 40 mm is wound in several layers on a pencil and glue. Thick cardboard cut cheeks Ø 30 mm hole in the center equal to the diameter of the frame. When the frame is ready, he wound up on the wire and remove the pencil. Core can serve as a steel rod Ø 5 mm, length 40 mm.
The coil of the electromagnet is attached to the base with center hole Ø 8 mm. Distance between the upper part of the electromagnet and glinkovo plate should be minimal. However, after the strike plate should not touch the solenoid.

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