PLANE ... ON RAILSFor individual construction is often necessary to make processing of logs for construction of wood with different cross-sections (beams, plates, boards). Due to the large weight of logs and the lack of a reference plane such processing conventional saw and planer (without additional equipment) almost impossible to do. This task I chose the following way.

Electric planer with replaceable working bodies (cutters) mounted on a homemade cart, complete with wheels and moving on a kind of rails — rails.
Processed timber is placed tips on dual jacks, mounted on the supports.
Wheels belonging to one of the sides of the trucks, are cylindrical and roll along the guide rail, which is made of wooden beams cross-section mm. 50X100 According to another guide, which is made of one-inch pipe, rolling wheels-coil that ensures linear motion of the truck and clear its fixation in the transverse direction. Length of the strips should be greater than the length of the logs by an amount equal to the length of the truck plus 200…300 mm required for entry and exit of the tool.
Each of the jacks consists of two screw pairs, the retractable elements (screws) which are connected chain-type Bicycle with a gear ratio of 1:1, providing synchronization of the action of screw pairs, and the fixed (nuts) are installed through the hollow spacers on a common basis. The screws through the thrust bearing rests a strap that fits the log.
Fig. 1. Device for producing construction timber from logs.
Fig. 1. Device for producing construction timber from logs:
1 — cutting tool (cutter), 2 — wheel, 3 — track (timber 50X100 mm), 4 — motor, 5, body, truck, 6 — wheel”spool”, 7 — processed beam, 8 — guide tube, 9 — the Jack (2 PCs), 10 — the Foundation.
Fig. 2. Dual Jack.
Fig. 2. Double Jack:
1 — bearing (2 PCs.), 2 — M10 screw (2 pieces), 3 — nut M10 (2 PCs.), 4 — spacer (2 PCs), 5 — chain gear, 6 — base, 7 — connecting strap.
Using the device the next.
The log must be laid on the jacks correctly oriented with respect to the cutters and guides, then do a trial passage and, if necessary, correct the position of the logs.
To perform a full cycle of processing, including multiple passes required in front of each of them to lift the log by an amount equal to the depth of removal. The rise of the logs is done with the help of jacks. The necessary rpm is determined by the step screws.

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