THERMORESIN OF A SOLDERING IRONMany of the materials the born chemicals using elevated temperatures, for example, various plastics and synthetics, more manageable when shaping or processing temperature than the tools traditionally used to working with metal or wood. That’s why for cutting, for example, foam plastic, foam rubber or polyethylene are constructed of various homemade devices and devices in which the main working instrument is a hot plate or wire.

The basis of the proposed termoresta (on materials of the French magazine “System D”) — the usual soldering iron designed for home network with the voltage 220 V, capacity of about 60 watts. Instead of standard soldering tip, made of straight or folded copper rod, plate Thermaltake used knife, which, in fact, is the main working body: thanks to him easily, like butter to cut any of the hot-melt synthetics, whether sheet or fabric.

For the convenience of, to free his hands to manipulate the material, thermoresin is attached to the bracket on the court special reason.

Playground can be a sheet of heat resistant plastic or metal, wooden Board, plywood. Bottom corners area has four support legs that lift it above the Desk. This is because in the middle of the court there is a gap into which is passed hot knife cutter. Along the axis of the crack with the edge of the area located front of the holder to mount Thermaltake. As a rack it is preferable to use a metal tube. Welded thereto a bracket in the form of two bolts MB with clamps. There is another variant of the fastening with the clip at the front and two additional clips under thermoresin. Here is attached safety screen — perforated plate protecting the hands of working from the burn.


Electric soldering machine in the role of cutter

Electric soldering machine in the role of cutter:

1 — soldering iron; 2 — clamps; 3 — bracket (bolts); 4 —stand; 5 — soldering tip; 6 — knife (copper plate); 7 — a safety screen; 8 — area-base; 9 — thrust bearing

Knife cutter is made from copper plate pressed into the section staff direct the soldering tip. The working edge of the cutter plate sharpened at a small (blunt) angle on one side or both.

The degree of heating of tormaresca is selected empirically, depending on what material you have to work.

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