LATHE FROM THE CLUTCHES OF...The journal “modelist-Konstruktor” I love since childhood. In Kazakhstan we have now it is not for sale, but I regularly read it in the library. Responding to the call of the editors to be not only a reader but also an author, I want to share my little experience performing turning operations on a tree without a special lathe. To do this, at the right time are available to me elektrotochilo and grip, adding to them two auxiliary elements: the Trident and the back area with a small thrust bearing (they then shall say more about). Bench grinder with a Trident causes a wooden block into rotation and vise play the role of the tailstock.

Now more about how it all works together. On the desktop are set to meet each other bench grinder (along with sand around) and a vise, if necessary, you can zoom in or out depending on the length of the processed block. This can be achieved with the help of clamps. If the stationary vise, bench grinder easy to fix on the desktop two clamps.

Preparing this way the working place, proceed to the General Assembly of the devices. At this stage and will need the mentioned accessories. What are they like? The one that is installed on the emery wheel, is the Trident made in any way you can. Who have the opportunity, carved out of metal with three edges or weld them to a small metal disk; one is not possible in the wooden circle through the three screw short screw. Depending on the level selected and the method of attachment of the Trident on the winepress: or through the bushing directly on the axis of the engine, or (say to disk) directly into emery wheel with double sided tape or glue.

The second supporting element (back center) also can be metal or wooden. Its edge facing the machined bar, and the reverse side treated in the form of a mushroom so that the log rests in the small bearing. The edge of spacer is pressed into the center of the processed block with the movable part of the clutches, which is fed by rotating the handle. So we compressed the entire Assembly to the working position.


Lathe impromptu

Lathe impromptu:



1 —bench grinder; 2 — transition coupling; 3 — prong; 4 — cutter (chisel); 5 —reference table for the cutter; 6 — the block of wood; 7 — spacer-“tailstock”; 8 — bearing; 9 — movable part of the clutches; 10 — sponge; 11 — stick

Remains accommodate backup for the chisel or cutter and you can turn the grindstone and start processing sandwiched between it and the vise block of wood. Of course, observing appropriate caution and safety requirements applicable to such works. And first of all it is necessary precisely enough to put the entire Assembly in axial relationship to avoid wobbling during processing. The engine it is desirable to have a slower speed, Before you start treatment, you should wear safety glasses and install a safety screen from any durable sheet.

A. GONCHAR, G. R u d n s y, Kazakhstan

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