The name of this useful tool is not accidental. Blue tongue its flame available is the variety of the work: soldering and brass melting small portions of ferrous metal, the simplest types of heat treatment — hardening, annealing, vacation. Burner will help prosmolit skis come in handy when removing old paint, repair, battery, radiator, decorative wooden parts and even cooking — for poultry processing. An important advantage of this design is that it can run on gas from the main or cylinder, through a reducer, and gasoline. The flame temperature in both cases, up to 1100-1200° C.
The base of the burner are two brass 12 mm tube d, soldered to all hard solder. The vertical tube from the bottom is worn round textolite handle, and behind it — on the threaded shank fitting the air hose. For a short part of the horizontal tube is screwed to the stop of the second fitting. In the middle of his hole 0.6 mm close-fitting copper tube with pressed head / nozzle. Through the nozzle of this tube is fed a combustible gas. Leaving the orifice of the nozzle, it is mixed with incoming air from the handle and forms a combustible mixture which then enters the nozzle-divider. This part is the most difficult to possess basic skills ka lathe and drilling machines to make it will not be difficult. And finally — the body of the divider. It is a machined stainless steel short sleeve, screwed on the threaded nozzle belt. The inner diameter of the sleeve fitted on the disk size of the divider so that the gap was minimal.
Fig. 1. Burner Assembly
Fig. 1. Burner Assembly:
1 — body divider; 2 — injector-divider, 3 — nozzle, 4 — guide tube 5 — fittings, b — base, 7 — handle.
The burner design ensures reliable operation at different pressures of the supplied fuel-air mixture. The main stream flowing through the Central hole of the nozzle, surrounded by a corona ignition lights, not giving the fire go out, away from the nozzle.
In contrast to the burner ejector of a type where necessary for burning the sucked air flow supplied under a relatively high gas pressure, our device is designed for forced air flow. Instead of a small compressor, you can use a foot pump “frog”. To the ripple of air was not visible, you can move parallel to the pump receiver camera from the ball or bus. The greater the volume, the smoother the combustion.
Hoses it is desirable to use of petrol-resistant rubber. Their outer diameter can be small, since the working gas pressure is negligible. To regulate the flow of fuel gas and air medical valves with conical pritertymi sopotnica, more reliable cranes from the old gas stove.
R and p. 2. Atomizer with low productivity
R and S. 2. Atomizer with low productivity:
1 — liner divider 2 — divider, 3 — nut 4 — nozzle.
To operate the burner from a gas stove to gently remove the outer burner and put the hose to the burner feed tube plate. Convinced of the tightness of the connections, connect the second hose to the air source. Slightly opening the gas supply, ignite the burner. Adding air, until a smooth blue flame. In the small confines of the length of the torch you can change the amount of gas supplied. However, if you have to perform a variety of works, make a set of injector nozzles with a Central opening from 0.9 to 3.0 mm. Nozzle, shown in figure 2, intended for the finest work.
To work ka petrol will need a small sealed tank, say, from the old blowtorch. In its upper wall soldered two tubes: short — for vapour, and long, to the bottom, for air flow. Wide filler neck of the favor to close threaded tube with a rubber gasket. Now the air from the pump and receiver via a single tap is supplied to the burner, and another in the tank. Above the surface, a mixture of air with vapors of gasoline. Proceeding in a burner and mixed there with the necessary amount of air, sleep, burns with a high temperature.
R and p. 3. The scheme of installation for the work of ka petrol
R and S. 3. Installation diagram for operation of the gasoline:
1 — tank, the supply hose fuel gas, 3 — burner, 4 — receiver, 5 — cross, 6 — pump, 7— adjusting valves, 8 — cover the tank.
Work with the burner ka gas is no more dangerous than using a gas stove, and the gasoline, too, if you follow the following simple rules. Fill the tank with petrol ka one-quarter. Podkachal the air in the receiver, open the valve supplying air to the tank. Light emerging from the nozzle gas and then adjust flame by addition of the necessary quantity of air. Upon completion don’t forget to turn off the tap ka torch handle. In General, the flow of air with the foot pump provides full security of the work. Using a compressor or other productive air source, make sure that the reservoir was not created too much pressure or not a release has occurred via an air tube. Table work make of sheet and thick sheet of asbestos protective screen.
Y. ORLOV, Troitsk.

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