VERSATILE WORKBENCHThe proposed transformable workbench can be used not only at home but also in workshops, at stations of young technicians; “fit” it in the garage.

The base of the workbench is a steel frame, assembled of two welded frames vertical and horizontal pipes-couplers Ø 20 mm, fixed on the bolts. A possible embodiment of a welded frame of steel angles 32X32X3 mm. Stands are multi-layered plywood, hung on the front door. The resulting volume is used for storage of materials and large tools.

Universal workbench.

Universal workbench:

1 — additional removable bracket, 2 — vise 3 — pull-out stops, 4 — clamping comb 5 — removable bench Board, 6 — cover of tool box 7 — wall tool kit, 8 — the elements of the carrier frame, 9 — side walls of the workbench, 10 rear wall 11 is the front wall with doors.

At the top of the frame is the tool box made of boards section 20X100 mm with cover from the PCB with a thickness of 8 mm. Front wall of the tool box has corners for mounting removable bench boards. It permanently fixed the vise, clamping the comb and pull-out stop. In the processing of long materials is put an extra bracket.


Removing verstachnuju a Board and closing the lid of a tool box, you can use a workbench as a Desk.


A. LITOVCHENKO, Krasnoyarsk

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