AIRSHIP SOW FORESTThousands of people are collecting seeds, preparing soil, growing seedlings and planting them in place of felled forest. One-two seedlings no problem, dug a hole, covered the tree with earth, watered and that’s it. But if you want to prepare the plot for dozens, or even thousands of seedlings, without modern technology to solve this problem is impossible. Machines able to plant plants in the ground with accuracy, worthy of the hands of the gardener, and performance, it meets our industrial age created. That’s only work they are able to not anywhere. Give them an equal place and space. Yes, and deliver them to the place of cultivation, for example, in remote areas difficult.

The problem of forest restoration not only of concern to loggers. The exhibition of technical creativity held in the days of the rally members of school forestry and friends of nature in Ufa, has shown a lot of original designs, created by the guys. One of them we offer our readers.
Karelia is the land of forests and lakes. More than half of its territory is occupied by vast green areas. Karelian wood is considered to be one of the best in the country. Probably, it is its high quality caused by intensive logging operations.
Reforestation, therefore, are in our Republic to the fore.
In aeromodelling circle of Republican station of young technicians, where I was engaged about six years, my friends often thought about the problem of the participation of aviation in the salvation of our forests. All, of course, know how much does aviation for forest fire prevention, not just prevention but also directly in the fighting. But how to adapt the aircraft for other forest matters?
After much estimation and deliberation, we came to the conclusion that the ideal assistant loggers and lesovosstanovlenie could be the airship.
As is known, the use of mechanization in any manufacturing process dramatically reduces material costs for its implementation. This fully applies to reforestation. Unfortunately, widely to mechanize these processes fails because the forest is not a level field. Boulders, stumps not stubbed rows, the cutting area is littered with twigs, bark— all this prevents the use of machines.
We think the use of the airship for the planting of seedlings can almost completely solve these problems. To work it needs the following. Prepared for planting seedlings Packed in paper capsule with the fertilized and moist soil. Capsules were placed in a special cassette of planting units placed in the nacelle. In the intended area of the air ship is lowered to the minimum height and moving at low speed. With the given time interval Packed seedlings dive, while their crowns are the kind of stabilizers that cause trees to fall vertically. Upon impact, the capsule bursts, and the plant is in the hill-fertilized and damp earth.
What are the advantages of this method yo compared with existing?.. Several of them. This and the availability of planted forests to the most remote and inaccessible areas, and the release of a huge fleet of equipment, intended for planting forests, and alluring the ability to do without temporary roads that are needed only during the period of such work. Besides, landing is conducted only seedlings that, according to scientific data, greatly reduces the consumption of seeds, reduces the cost of tillage and care of the young. It is interesting that the planting allows for much faster to restore the forest.
To test their idea, I built radio-controlled model of the airship with the landing unit. It was displayed at the exhibition of the rally and took first place in the “Young technicians — forestry”. Now I continue to improve my project.
People say, you have not lived life if planted at least one tree. We need to grow entire forests, using the knowledge gained in school.
V. LULU, a pupil of the 10th class of secondary school № 26, Petrozavodsk

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