ALL FOR BOOKSMany of our readers may find useful and is available for self-production of the offered design, making rational and convenient to place and books “daily demand” — those that have to go often; and solid tomes or long-stored sets of journals; and current periodicals.


This multi-tier structure may consist of four main parts: the wall of the carrier beam, zigzag bracket from metal rod, loop to attach the strap and the actual shelves from a Board or sheet of chipboard.
The number and their mutual combination can vary depending on practical needs — from small one-tier shelves up to ladder and tiered shelving.
For clarity, we present the scheme chetyrehpolozyj option. The basis for the shelves are two wooden bar to which one side is attached with staples two bent bracket, and the other is a metal loop for hanging on the wall. If for shelves chipboard is used, distance between bars should be no more than 1 m: the weight of books from the shelves will SAG. The bracket will fit thick wire with a diameter of about 6 mm. If bent option you will find to perform complex, do its panel for one or two shelves, respectively, and increasing the number of mounting loops.
Four-story shelf
The four-story shelf:
1 — wall beams, 2 — nets bracket, 3 shelf (Board, chipboard), 4 — bracket.

The wooden parts before Assembly are painted with enamel (the color is consistent with the General tone of the room and the rest of the furniture) or in several layers covered with furniture Polish. The outer metal elements is better to paint bronze paint or black lacquer, or the same color enamel for metal.
Like the modern cabinets and the walls, it is possible to raise to the ceiling and available in the room an old wardrobe or dresser, making it a kind of mezzanine. It is best to run from the panels of an old Cabinet. But there is presented here a simple and affordable material option.
The only hard part of this mezzanine rack are connected with a cross member. Rel ‘ panels and doors are performing fabric curtains, hanging rings to the crossbars. Thus, over the wardrobe turns out capacious and at the same time, closed storage for books, magazines and newspaper files, suitcases and other things.
Mezzanine-shower curtain
Mezzanine curtain.
Racks can be wooden or metal tubular; the same applies to the crossbars. If the curtains are made of light fabric, instead of the cross bars sufficiently tightly stretched fishing line. Loop the curtains of the ka is better not to sew along the edge, and below it to cover the hooks.
Stand easier to do from tubing, such as old cots: then from the bottom, every rack will have to prop up a host of bolt and nut, ensuring reliable focus at the ceiling.
When the family of the school children, some shelves for books no cost.
Offer a simple execution of a wardrobe, which allows you to store an abundance of textbooks, exercise books and other literature, easily fit into the allotted space in the room.
The Cabinet can be made of particle Board, faced particle Board, polished furniture. In my version of Cabinet height — 1900 mm width—1220 mm depth — 400 mm. Inside for books has four shelves. They are attached to the side walls by means of screws, plug in, starkos or small angles, the height of which should not be greater than the thickness of the shelf.
Each shelf niche closed by glass or plexiglass: it moves in the grooves or standard furniture slider. For making grooves used beadings size 6X6 mm, which are attached to the shelves studs. Handles to move the glass — wooden wedges; they can be glued to the glass with glue BF-2, the plexiglass — universal.
In this diagram, the dimensions given in relation to particular conditions of a particular place in the room, and so are subject to change.
In this diagram, the dimensions given in relation to particular conditions of a particular place in the room, and so are subject to change.
At the bottom of the Cabinet — closed section. Fold it hanging, chipboard, mounted to the side walls with hinges. Placed inside one or two shelves. You can store notebooks, stationery, drawing accessories and even sports equipment.
The appearance of the Cabinet is made of chipboard ennobled with decorative paper or film using casein glue, or PVA Bustilat.
The back wall is one, of plywood, fiberboard or PCB.
Lately in the stores for hunters and fishermen sold by screw connections, prefabricated parts, for example mnogokolesny rods.
It can be used for the manufacture of small hanging shelves, collect svenciausios rods. Each rod will consist of tubular elements of the bracket and reducers that are connected with a screw pair, between the latter during Assembly and clamped the shelf out of plywood with a thickness of 5-10 mm.
For the bracket and spacers it is best to apply tube from the old clamshells. Billet bracket for the fold down and flattening under the hanger loop must be annealed over a gas burner. The bending is selected such that it provides contact with the wall shelves. Connection with screw pair shown in the diagram: they depend on the mutual diameters of the connected parts.
Team of the regiment
Team shelf:
1 — bracket, 2 screw, 3 — shelf, 4 rate; A, B, C — variants of drawing up of the shelves.
Both of the rod before assembling the shelves screwed and painted black nitroenamel or. black lacquer. Regiments also carefully processed with sandpaper and covered with a light nitro or oil varnish, preferably in several layers.
Assembled shelf attached to the wall of the ka plugs.
We offer the industry coffee table is usually elongated and composed of a tabletop and legs; my very compact, and has more bottom and two additional shelves. This greatly improves the usability of them, on the table can be placed not only magazines, Newspapers, and books.
The countertop is better to cut it out of furniture Board or sheet of MDF, and the shelves will fit and thick plywood (5— 10 mm). For their fastening on the legs in the latter it is sufficient to screw in bottom screw, or pierce them rather short horizontal spokes, for example, nails. Legs can be made from old chairs or to use with a threaded stud that top end, designed for televisions, kitchen stools. Hairpin in our case will play the role of a thorn, under which the table top is drilled a corresponding hole, and the excess of its length kompensiruet washers from plywood.
Table on wheels
Table on wheels:
1 — top, 2 — shelves, 3 — trim 4 — leg, 5 — wheel.

The bottom legs can be mounted to the appeared in the sale of furniture casters, mounting which must conform to specific design. The only condition — the wheels, at least two of them must be rotatable to move the table loaded with literature shelves.
The edges of the shelves to enhance the appearance framed by a narrow rail that is attached on glue small nails. Reiki and legs can be painted in black or brown color, and the plane of the table is covered with decorative foil or painted with enamels. If you have used wooden panels before Assembly and frame rail blanks out of it covered with furniture Polish.
Offer design universal mini-wardrobe. It consists of two sections — the upper (A) and bottom (B), connected by spikes on glue or screws. The overall dimensions of each is taken such that it was possible to vary their internal structure depending on the functional purpose.
For example, the upper section is designed not only to conventional book format, but for large books on art and albums, binders magazines and so on. However, it can be built in and two shelves for books of small size. If the top section to hang on the wall, it will house books, and on the bottom will fit, for example, television.
The lower section is quite suitable for the gramophone or radio: then that part of it which is covered by a hinged door adapted to the plates; a tape cassette, etc.
Dimensions of the rack and its elements.
The dimensions of the rack and its elements.
Collect wardrobe from better furniture Board or particle Board. The connection of all vertical and horizontal elements on a plug-in round thorns d 8 mm on carpentry, casein or PVA glue. Partition in the compartment for plates — made of plywood, hardboard or plastic; they are set in grooves sawn into panels.
To enhance overall rigidity of the structure on the back side of the Cabinet, the joints of the horizontal and vertical elements mounted metal (window or specially manufactured) parts on itati screws, glue PVA.
To facilitate moving of the Cabinet, under the bottom you can set four furniture wheel.

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