ASSISTANT FORECASTERWeather service uses a variety of research methods. One of them is the distribution of atmospheric parameters on height. To quickly solve this problem scientists helps small uncontrollable meteorological rocket MMR-06 with solid engine. The maximum height of ascent is 60 km; the instrument complex allows to measure the temperature and pressure of the air to determine the wind velocity vector. Information transfer to the ground by the telemetry system.

MMR-06 is a good prototype for building models copies. I hope that the publication of drawings of meteorological rockets will allow athletes to create a successful technique for the upcoming races.
Rocket MMR-06.
Rocket MMR-06
Materials on MMP-06 trained on full-scale specimen, exhibited in the pavilion “Hydrometeorology and control of natural environment” VDNH USSR.
Main technical data of the rocket MMR-06
Total length, mm: 3475
Starting weight: ~130
The weight of the warhead with a shell, kg: 11
Time of operation of the motor of installation: 9
During the studies, the housing head portion is disclosed.


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