MOPED X all-Union week of science, technology and production for children and youth, held in January 1983 in the Uzbek capital, has raised a lot of interesting developments from many cities of the Soviet Union. Including all the way from Tashkent. Specialists, participants and guests of the week were memorable examples of vehicle technology, presented the laboratory “Avtokonstruktor” Tashkent gorsyut. In particular, the moped “the cotton-grower-S-83”, intended for people in rural areas.

The authors — Oleg Balbas, Shukhrat Zaripov and Dmitry Novikov was awarded for originality of design. With his micromodem they also participated in all-Union correspondence exhibition “Create, invent, try!” and became its winners.
About the device of “cotton grower” says the head of the laboratory “Avtokonstruktor” Vladimir Ascik, which showed this car to one of the shows, “you can”, where it also aroused great interest.
Worked as a member of the laboratory for the cotton harvest. It was time for lunch, and the boys saw that the machine will go to the field everyone on the combine. The apparently irrational use of technology. Boys then and thought that could satisfy the combine: Bicycle, moped, or motorcycle? Decided the moped. But what? Obviously, mobile terrain, with a roomy trunk.
The “portfolio of ideas” of the lab there was a sketch of a similar machine. Young designers wanted to create a vehicle which as an open system (Bicycle, moped, and so on) would have at the same time the internal and functional scope. Otpravlyayas even in the recent trip. And how many will fit, not the normal trunk? Therefore, it is necessary to increase its volume.
R and S. 1. Moped
R and S. 1. Moped “cotton-grower-S-83”:
1 — motor, 2 — steering plug, 3 — clamp steering fork, 4 — frame-load compartment, 5 — steering bracket b — fuel tank, 7 — rear shock.

R and p. 2. Frame-the trunk
R and S. 2. Frame-the trunk:
1 — the steering bushing, 2, 3 — brackets engine mount, 4 — mount the rear shock absorbers, 5 — loop fastener mesh trunk. (14 PCs.). 6. 7, 8, 9, 10 — crossmember, 11 — the axis of rotation of the front wheel 12, the axis of rotation of the rear wheels 13 side of the tube.

A thorough study of the idea decided to take as base model a moped “Verhovina” and remake it so that it said generated requirements.
The main work was connected with the manufacture of new Windows and modification of the standard front fork. In the end the frame is spatial, its internal volume is 0.1 m 3. And due to the shortened front fork the driver, lying on the seat above the trunk, feels the new car is quite convenient. Called it “cotton-grower-S-83”.
Thus, the main homemade knot “cotton grower” — frame. It is welded from steel tubes of various diameters 20 and 34 mm. the wall Thickness of 2 mm. Of the thin arched two closed loops, in five locations they are connected by lengths of pipe of the same and larger diameter strut. To the front cross members welded to the steering sleeve, the intermediate — brackets mounting the engine.
The frame is equipped with fourteen loops-corners, to which is attached a metal grid with cell size of 20X20 mm to the side of the trunk. And the bottom it is formed of aluminum sheet 1 mm thick, enveloping the side of the pipe below (for all exposed parts it done the appropriate slot).
In the front part of the frame-the trunk is established on two simple brackets headlight in the rear — fuel tank and driver’s seat.
Fuel tank made of steel sheet of 0.3 mm thickness. Bent his body is shaped like a tapering channel with a hole in the front for fill neck. The bottom arched like a saddle with the flaps of a width of 15 mm for connection with the body roller electric welding. At the lowest point of the bottom provided for the swage line, here welded to the threaded sleeve — discharge fitting.
Two hooks fuel tank is hung on the rear crossmember, and brackets on the side frame tubes. Above it is mounted the driver’s seat (from “Verhovina”).
Some details of the front fork is also from “Verkhovyna”. Its shock absorbers with shortened to 65 mm rods and feathers held in a makeshift fork, welded from two parts: the shaft and walleroobie clips. The shaft is machined from steel pipe ø mm. 26X2 upper end is threaded М26Х1 for nut of fastening of a bracket of the steering wheel and the drilled hole d 8,5 mm bolt for fixing it on the Ball from turn. The bottom of the shaft forked — cut along the axis to a pre-drilled hole 0 6 mm, designed to relieve stress concentrations.
Fig. 3. Bracket steering
Fig. 3. Bracket steering
Fig. 4. Fuel tank
Fig. 4. Fuel tank:
1 — housing 2 — drain fitting, 3 — bottom, 4 — hook suspension, 5 — bracket, 6 — filler neck.

Feathers shock absorbers and welded the cage; on the shaft wearing the brace point with rifts, squeezed the ball, they hit the shock springs. From moving upward, the clip holds the clip lower steering bearing from “Verkhovyna”.
The shaft passes through the steering fork sleeve, it is worn upper bearing bracket and steering to the last four M8 bolts attached to the wheel.
As well as the front, rear fork, wheels, brake drums, and the controls and equipment taken from the moped “Verhovina”, wheels from scooter “Vyatka”.
Roomy trunk “cotton grower” enables you to take in the way of many things, as any other moped away. Heavier things come closer to the center of gravity of the machine, take it easy in the corners. In the middle of his part of the trunk is no wider than the engine, so it does not interfere with normal control of the bike. And thanks motorolleri wheels passing “cotton grower” higher than the “Verkhovyna”. It is, in fact, makes it attractive for rural residents. So small, convenient and mobile machines, it seems, would have appreciated not only combine.

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